Thursday, 13 May 2010

a few new things...

I've already broken the last £20 left in my account today. I couldn't resist!
I popped into boots and saw the Diet Coke and nails inc. offer and had to investigate.

I chose the colour 'London' out of the shades, which is like a creamy beige colour. I don't really rate the colour against my skin (I'm like a little bit lighter...!) but it is quite nice for the price of two bottles of diet coke.

I also had a long look around the make up concessions. The boots near my college is really small so there aren't too many brands on offer there, but I tested ALL of the nude and pale pink lipsticks on the back of my hand so that I could find a new colour for summer, instead of the usual lipgloss. (Yes my hand was completely smothered for a few hours)

To my surprise, my favourite colour was make up brand, 17. The colour is 'Blonde' and it goes really nicely with my complexion. I also got some photos taken today for my drivers license, and I had just applied it in the booth before pressing the button!

It has a kind of sparkle to it, not an obvious one but it is a little tinted. I'm in love with it already! (Plus the range of lippys are £3.99 so I managed to pick it up on my boots card with advantage points!)

Harriet xx


  1. i love the color of the lipstick. its really cute:Dand congrats on your driver's license.

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  2. Hi :)
    I agree I like the lipstick shade.
    really cute and not too dark.


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  3. thanks :) will definitely check out your blogs too xx


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