Sunday, 23 May 2010

london heatwave!!

Wow, it's been such a good weekend, I have been subathing since about 2pm yesterday and today from 9am-7pm! Probably wasn't the best idea to smother myself in olive oil but I have more of a tan and didnt have to pay for it!! 30'c tomorrow Londoners! :)
Anyway, sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been panicking about my AS exams, which are all dotted around over the next few weeks, as I've done no revision! :(

So I thought I'd dedicate this post to festivals! I went to T in the Park (Scotland) and Reading last summer, and am going to Reading on the saturday only this year! Is anyone else booked for camping/festival?

When i went last year, me and friends camped for 4 days, and there is always something you forget to take!! For me, it was sun cream and a head scarf to cover up the greasy hair after the first two days. I had to pay £5 for a scarf at a stall to tie round to hide it! But definitely take as much Batiste as you think you may need, dry shampoo, which comes in a can and you can spray, rub in and brush out. Apparently you can get bastiste for brunettes now! Something to look into for all you dark haired! Definitely spray your hair as much as possible with heat defense because it dries up in the heat of the sun sooo quickly.
I also had to end up buying wellies because I forgot to take any and the mud was insane!!
Fav. hair look:

Second best wellies to classic (black-my fav.) Hunters:

The trick to stay chic at a festival is to accessorise. Wear as much jewellery; necklaces, rings, string/wooden/bangle bracelets and hair accessories as possible. Sunglasses like ray bans make girls look instantly festivalised. I think there is also an unspoken competition between all the girls at festivals: wellies. Whether, they're classic Hunter boots, or biker style, everyboddy judges them, basically don't buy primark ones because you can tell how cheap they are and they also hurt really bad by the end of the day.

Showers: me and my friends had baby wipe showers instead of using the communal showers. We kicked everyone out the tent whilst we had a wash with around 30 wipes at a time! Leaves you fresh and smelling nice, without the trek to and from the showers and instead of having to lug a towel there. (Hopefully I'll be driving by Reading this year so i won't be so achey afterwards haha)

Here are some of my favourite festival looks:

You like?

What did all of you do this weekend? Have you got plans for next weekend already? I'm spending the weekend at my mums house as my sister,her husband, nephew, niece and new baby nephew are visiting! Can't wait to take the kids out for ice cream and catch up with my sis!


  1. i'm loving that hairstyle:D i would really love to see how you did it!

  2. Hello, just a quick note to tell you to check out the new shoe designing blog which i have recently started up.

    All designs are hand-drawn by myself.

    The link is

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  3. i really love the hair do. so IN at the moment ! really love the whole look really :)
    also,, I really do love all those celebs you have featured... :))

    yayayay!! heatwave ! x x x

  4. i love that hairstyle! it's soo cute!

  5. @Carrie: Hia, unfortunately, I didn't create this hairstyle but I will try and work it out myself on a friend and get back to you within the next few weeks!

    To all of you:
    Thanks guys I love reading all of your comments!!!

  6. great looks, i love wellingtons, i just ordered a pair online :) and your blog is fantastic darling

    x courtney

  7. thank you that means a lot to me! x


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