Tuesday, 18 May 2010

summer look and light reading!

I have a summer outfit of the day which I created, and also an unlikely reccomendation!

Firstly, here is the outfit which I love love love!
  • Necklace - Tiffanys (I own :))
  • Handbag - Miu Miu
  • Earrings - Chanel
  • Bunny ring - Forever21
  • Floral bracelet - Forever21
  • Stacked bracelets - Forever21
  • Top - Abercrombie (I own :))
  • Nail Varnish - Chanel
  • Gladiator sandals - River Island (I own :))
  • Sunglasses - Gucci
  • Blazer - Republic 
  • Shorts - Topshop
A second thing;
I while ago I read 'that extra half an inch' by Victoria Beckham (taking it with a pinch of salt)
ictoria Beckham's writing about fashion is surprisingly very enjoyable. It is not only a guide to different clothes, but also beauty and style, and although not written amazingly well, it has a sort of personal conversational feel to it. In my opinion the book is perfect for fashionistas, I particularly found the section on types of jeans very interesting.
I also found out that it's co-written with Hadley Freeman - Vogue & the Guardian giving the book a tone of authority. The book is generally a collection of tips and guidelines, aiming at giving inspiration rather than dictating outfit choices to readers, high street items are suggested in association with designers, for those who cannot afford the price tag which comes with the name!
Not only is it a fun book to read, the illustrations are also really interesting, as they are preliminary sketches by designers. It is the perfect book to flick through when you’re looking for inspiration and advice.
Please take into account that I don’t particularly like Victoria Beckham as a person! I was interested in what her advice would be as I am open to what all people have to say about fashion!

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  1. the chanel earrings are to die for. :D



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