Sunday, 9 May 2010

Welcome to the Carnival!

So I've decided to start my own blog. I have had inspiration from others and the epiphany that my spending habit is not so terrible if I give other people advice or if they happen to like certain products that I can recommend! I will try to update at least once a week as I can create longer posts with more information on things which I have bought on shopping trips etc. I would really love and appreciate any feedback and advice from other more experienced bloggers.

Well, here goes nothing!

Yesterday I went into Epsom with my best friend so that she could get her nose pierced (and I could pay for it!) for her birthday. I took the opportunity to drag her to Hennes where I had seen a beautiful dress earlier on in the week. I picked up the dress in two sizes because I often have problems in that the boob bit doesnt fit but the waist does (do any of you have that problem?).
The dress is quite short, complete cream lace with gold zip from the middle to the top at the front. The material has a nice feel to it. At £25 it isn't a bad buy but although I grabbed two sizes for the changing room, neither of them fit. I was pretty upset about this because it looked lovely and fitted my waist well, and was flattering to my figure but refused to do up over my bra, and even when I removed my bra!
So if any of you have a petite chest I would really reccommend it as both an evening and day dress as it can be dressed up and down.

In Hennes, I bought this beige coat for £35. The material feels similar to that of a mac (or flasher coat!) and is quite light so I think I will be wearing it when the weather looks like it might turn or if theres a bit of a bite in the wind! Looks great with skinny jeans or dark tights with mocassins!

I also bought these gorgeous heels from New Look after travelling back to Sutton! They were one of the last two pairs left in stock. Of course, they didn't have my size but they had a 5 and 7 and I'm usually a 6. Tried on both pairs, 7 were massive and hard to walk in because they were sliding about everywhere! I went for the 5, much nicer fit and comfy to walk in. They were a bargain at £35, my friends are all very jealous!

I saw and purchased this headband from Dorothy Perkins on Tuesday, which was £6 and looks
lovely both day and night. My friend was actually wearing it at college when I told her that I loved it and she said that it was her most recent bargain from DP! Later on I picked up this Barry M Dazzle Dust, its like a purpley maroon colour, I would use when going out on the town. The code is 88.

Anyway now I literally have no money, so the next few posts will probably be of my favourite beauty products and items of clothing which I couldn't live without!

Harriet xx


  1. OMG the heals are stunning! I want them now lol

  2. They are gorgeous aren't they! Can't wait to wear them out!


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