Monday, 21 June 2010


I have received so many compliments on my sandals at college! It makes me really happy when someone says something nice about my shoes! So I thought they deserved their own little blog posting for making me so happy these past few summer months...

These are the most popular among college people. My babies from River Island! (£34.99)
Normally I don't 'do' gladiator sandals but these are f(sn)akeskin ones and the gold bars are really pretty.

and the new ones I bought on friday from Topshop went down pretty well today too with people asking me where they're from :) (£35)
Next ones to buy are definitely these cute ones from River Island (£34.99)
and I'm really gutted that these ones have already sold out :( (£34.99)

Anyway, hope you all like them too, my summer staples! I'd love for you to post a link in a comment to this with a picture of your favourite sandals and where they're from!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

IM BACK; lots of shopping, pictures of purchases! :)

So sorry about the length of time I was away, I really missed updating but I felt I should 'try' to 'revise' for my exams the week before last (yes, I took a bit of a rest afterwards!)

Yesterday I went to look around Goldsmiths College, and really loved it! Definitely going in my (5) university choices :) along with UCL, Nottingham, Leeds (and I can't decide on the fifth :/ recommendations for good English Literature course?)

During the week, I did what I do best. Shopping. And I bought a lot.  Here's a list of what I can remember off the top of my head!

1. Two new plain white long Topshop vest tops..
I wear my one so often it's no longer white! Topshop have finally started to stock them again. Definite staple to wear with leggings, jeans, skirts, anything in my wardrobe really, don't know what I would do without them...

2. Black heels from BANK
I've wanted these for so long, and my sister getting married seems like a pretty good excuse. Not too expensive but look lovely on. Killer high though!

3. Anklet from Accessorize
I often buy little anklets from accessorize but I stopped doing so when they began turning my ankle green after a few days! Seeing as this one cost £3 and was quite pretty I decided to buy it anyway, you can see it in the photo above as well. Very chic and pretty with a dangly chain and butterfly.

4. Anklet from an Amazon seller
Cost £10, a simple sterling silver small linked anklet, to last a long time as I love the one I bought above. Can't find the conformation email to post a picture so I will do that when it (hopefully) arrives tomorrow :)
5. Bridesmaids dress from Coast
Lovely material, bit pricey at £85 and the jumper at £55 especially for a 'casual' wedding but it's my sister and my mum paid for it anyway hehe. This is clearly not how my hair will be like etc on the big day and I will post some wedding pictures in September when the ceremony takes place! I know the dress is red and black but my sister is covered in tattoos and so it really won't look weird.

6. Coral sandals from Topshop
Saw them at the beginning of the week and regrettably didnt try them on, but then saw them in a different Topshop store, tried them on and fell in love with them! £35

7. White dress from LOVE
Military style white strapless summer dress, will be perfect for my impending holiday! Post a picture later on tonight as it is hanging on my wall upstairs! It cost £35 (everything seems to have cost me £35...)

8. Black cardigan from ZARA 
£25, pretty standard black cardigan, I don't think a picture is necessary! But I am wearing it now, as I type...

9. White smock top from New Look
Looks great with leggings and a cardigan! Wore to the pub the other day, was a big hit. Relatively cheap but I lost the tag, definitely less than £20 though!

10. Beige cardigan from New Look
Looks a lot better left open than it does with the buttons up, but it is a lovely little cardigan that I wear over a white vest top and jeans/long white vest top and leggings. This was £25

11. Lace vest top from Topshop
Really love this vest top, the lace around the top looks lovely on, I think this would look great with those of you out there that wear loafers that seem to be in fashion (I don't own any) but I will probably wear it with black high waisted shorts. £15

12. Okay, so I haven't (and won't be) buying this Pauls Boutique bag but my friends are all putting money together to get it for me (how beautiful is it?!?!) Quite pricey at a grand old £70

An that was about it other than a bag of thai sweet chilli crisps from Tesco and caesar salad ingredients from Marks :)

I now have a grand total of £3.07 to last me until the end of this month.. bad times but a price to pay for nice things, right guys?!

What are your thoughts on my new purchases? Will you be checking any of them out yourselves?

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sorry about the lack of updating :(

Hi everyone!
I've had a very busy weekend and I've been trying to revise as well for exams coming up next week.
Seeing as I haven't really been out (other than to sunbathe in the park and grab a Nandos with my best friend) there hasn't been much to update you all on.

I saw my eldest sister and her family over the weekend, and had a lot of fun playing with the kids, taking them to the park for the day and meeting the new baby!
Here's one of the many pictures we took on 'Grandad Johnny' 's laptop! 

After my exams next week I will resume my postings. Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Did any of you do anything exciting?

Heres a picture of me and my new baby nephew