Monday, 30 August 2010


Today I bought some more nail varnish (I think I have successfully purchased the whole Barry M range, however I did pick up one more Barry M called 'Bliue Glitter' (typo?!)
Anyway, now I have decided to test out '17' which were next to each other in boots today.

I bought two colours to test them out, coming in at around £2.99 each:
Orange Soda (Orange) and Fairy Cake (Pink)

I tested them both out (forgot to take a picture) but then painted them all 'Fairy Cake'
Both colours are pastel types. Anyway here is a picture of the 'Fairy Cake' on my nails!

I love it! It's so girly, normally I wouldn't wear stuff like this!

Your probably can't tell but I waxed my arms whilst I was watching Friends earlier, haha, I missed it, I hate body hair, the only hair thats acceptable is on my head/eyelashes/eyebrows!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

sunday 29th

I had a pretty amazing day yesterday. I went to Reading (so much muddier than last year!) to see one of my favourite bands of all time - The Libertines. I don't know if any of you were there/managed to cath it on tv, but they were amazing. They sounded so much like their recordings, and it still feels so surreal that it actually happened. I cried a little but nowhere near as much as my best friend who I was with! The relationship Carl and Pete still have is touching.
Do you ever get that feeling that there are actually some decent people in this world? I hardly ever do, I think the majority of people are bastards, but in the crowd for The Cribs/Dizzee Rascal me and my best friend were standing up against the second bar, and the boys behind us said 'don't crush the girls, we need to protect them and ake sure we don't squash them.' So instead of getting squashed into the bar, the boy behind me put his arms on each side of mine on the bar and created a shield, so that he took all the pain. I know it's not much but you don't really find people like that who care for strangers anymore.
So this is a blurry/horrible picture that I took of my hair before I left. I put the ponytail to the side so that it didn't get caught in the crowd (I never wear my hair up...) and I french plaited my fringe and the front of my hair so that it wouldn't get caught either. I have actually just realised how disgusting my roots look and I am sorry to you all for having to witness this horrendous picture of them. I wore leggings, a long white top a sleeveless grey hooded sweatshirt and one of my dads black jumpers (which drowned me at XXL!!) but I would have been sooo cold otherwise. To finish off I wore some new leopard print wellies from Topshop :)  and then the jewellery that I always wear.
It's my sisters wedding this upcoming Saturday, I'm going to be so busy helping with maid of honour stuff! Exciting! I need to go to get my roots done, my nails done and get a new tan for the photos and to look nice all day when there'll be lots of people I've not seen for years! I'll make sure to post some pictures of the day.

Friday, 27 August 2010

this is getting ridiculous

Sorry guys, bit of a different post.

I don't really know what's wrong with me, I can't seem to sleep any more, ever since I got back from the holiday in Spain at the beginning of July. I can't think of anything which is particularly bothering me either, so not only do I not know why I can't sleep, I can't even try to begin to fix the problem. I'm so tired all the time, to the point where I'm constantly feeling like shit, but I just can't tune out... turn off. On average I'm probably drifting to sleep at about 5.30am and waking up again at 10.30am, and it's not enough because I have used so much energy trying to get to sleep. People tell me to lie in bed and not think about anything other than sleeping. How fucking impossible is that though.... I get so bored to the point where I have to get up and do something or have a cigarette to try and make it better. I can't read. I'm too tired to read, and my eyes just end up burning and I get a headache.
I never normally cry, and I've cried five times in the past two days out of frustration. I stayed with my mum and stepdad for a couple of days this week, and it sounds so childish, but when they told me they were going to bed because the had work the next day, and to remember to locck up before I eventually venture upstairs, I just felt my face getting wet. I guess I was probably crying out of jealousy because I know that they're both tired and can easily sleep after laying down for five minutes.
I think if this doesn't clear up I'm going to head down to the doc and ask for some sleeping pills. I don;t want to take them, the only thing that is keeping me sane right now is dreaming and getting away from everything, even for the few hours I've been experiencing recently.
I'm wasting all my efforts and smoking too much again now. This insomnia is getting expensive...

(I don't expect anybody to read this, but if you do and have had any past experiences/tips, please try to leave a comment)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

so i have decided that i'm going to get creative...

i love cushions.
i have loads of cushions on my bed, but they're all black red and pink, whereas my bedroom is pretty vibrant with colours. last night, i went to ikea, and i bought a couple more cushions (one black and one red for £2.99 each) to add to my collection. since getting back from my holiday to spain, i have been finding it really very difficult to sleep and normally drift off around 4.30am. so last night, when i was laying there until 5.45am (yes, very painful...) i decided to do something new and try and customise some cushions to make them more personal! i always see these extravagant living and bed rooms in style magazine and get really jealous.
here is my plan layed out for all of you!
i'm going to go back to ikea, and buy some plain cushions, and then different coloured cushion covers. they're all relatively cheap so im going to buy quite a few but in all different colours. then i'm going to begin customising them.
hobbycraft will be my next pit stop where i will pick up some more fabric, and border material like strips of lace and velvet in different colours. i'm also going to buy beads and sequins in various colours. i'm pretty quick with my hands so it shouldn't take me long to have a nice collection that style would be jealous of (haha i wish...!) i also like the idea of stitching some old school type designs into the cushions, so that they will really feel personal to me.
i'll be sure to post some photos nearer the time, but i am so excited about this!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

oooh shoe racks

My dad made me shoe racks to my request, they are unfinished but I was so eager and excited to have them in my dressing room and want to show you all a couple of pictures!
I still have shoes leftover, so when he's finished this, he's making me another! How do you keep your shoes?

hi! new purchases and my surprise!

Hey guys, sorry about the no posts for a few weeks, I've been really busy recently with work and my birthday! So for my birthday I bought myself a few presents with the money that I have been given.

The first is a pauls boutique bag which I bought from ASOS for £70, colour: mushroom.

The second I bough from ebay for £33 (RRP £125!) which was a bargain. Ralph Lauren rugby polo.

My birthday went a little like this: wake up, went to DSA centre in Croydon to take my theory (which I passed :)). At 2pm I had my first driving lesson, which was really fun, and when I got home my best friend came over to see me. We went out for dinner with my nan, mum, stepdad, sister and brother in law at an italian restaurant where I met four other people who shared my birthday. After this me and my best friend went back to my mums house and had a few more drinks before being dropped back at my dads.
However, I was more excited for the next day (31st) for this reason:
I picked up my baby Vinnie!

Now my life is being consumed with driving lessons and seeing friends that I haven't been in contact with for a while, which is really lovely. My sisters wedding is in a few weeks time and as maid of honour I am really excited for it. I cannot believe I will be going back for my final week of college in a month and that I get my AS results in two weeks, what I base my University choice on. Scary stuff!

What has everyone else been up to? Did you all have nice holidays? (I'm losing my tan in this shitty english weather!)