Thursday, 5 August 2010

hi! new purchases and my surprise!

Hey guys, sorry about the no posts for a few weeks, I've been really busy recently with work and my birthday! So for my birthday I bought myself a few presents with the money that I have been given.

The first is a pauls boutique bag which I bought from ASOS for £70, colour: mushroom.

The second I bough from ebay for £33 (RRP £125!) which was a bargain. Ralph Lauren rugby polo.

My birthday went a little like this: wake up, went to DSA centre in Croydon to take my theory (which I passed :)). At 2pm I had my first driving lesson, which was really fun, and when I got home my best friend came over to see me. We went out for dinner with my nan, mum, stepdad, sister and brother in law at an italian restaurant where I met four other people who shared my birthday. After this me and my best friend went back to my mums house and had a few more drinks before being dropped back at my dads.
However, I was more excited for the next day (31st) for this reason:
I picked up my baby Vinnie!

Now my life is being consumed with driving lessons and seeing friends that I haven't been in contact with for a while, which is really lovely. My sisters wedding is in a few weeks time and as maid of honour I am really excited for it. I cannot believe I will be going back for my final week of college in a month and that I get my AS results in two weeks, what I base my University choice on. Scary stuff!

What has everyone else been up to? Did you all have nice holidays? (I'm losing my tan in this shitty english weather!)


  1. nice bag and shirt ,, i love Ralph lauren =)

  2. Hate the uk weather...newcastle! rain, rain go away... follow me too :)


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