Monday, 30 August 2010


Today I bought some more nail varnish (I think I have successfully purchased the whole Barry M range, however I did pick up one more Barry M called 'Bliue Glitter' (typo?!)
Anyway, now I have decided to test out '17' which were next to each other in boots today.

I bought two colours to test them out, coming in at around £2.99 each:
Orange Soda (Orange) and Fairy Cake (Pink)

I tested them both out (forgot to take a picture) but then painted them all 'Fairy Cake'
Both colours are pastel types. Anyway here is a picture of the 'Fairy Cake' on my nails!

I love it! It's so girly, normally I wouldn't wear stuff like this!

Your probably can't tell but I waxed my arms whilst I was watching Friends earlier, haha, I missed it, I hate body hair, the only hair thats acceptable is on my head/eyelashes/eyebrows!

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  1. color looks amazing =D
    and i hate body hair too ,,


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