Tuesday, 24 August 2010

so i have decided that i'm going to get creative...

i love cushions.
i have loads of cushions on my bed, but they're all black red and pink, whereas my bedroom is pretty vibrant with colours. last night, i went to ikea, and i bought a couple more cushions (one black and one red for £2.99 each) to add to my collection. since getting back from my holiday to spain, i have been finding it really very difficult to sleep and normally drift off around 4.30am. so last night, when i was laying there until 5.45am (yes, very painful...) i decided to do something new and try and customise some cushions to make them more personal! i always see these extravagant living and bed rooms in style magazine and get really jealous.
here is my plan layed out for all of you!
i'm going to go back to ikea, and buy some plain cushions, and then different coloured cushion covers. they're all relatively cheap so im going to buy quite a few but in all different colours. then i'm going to begin customising them.
hobbycraft will be my next pit stop where i will pick up some more fabric, and border material like strips of lace and velvet in different colours. i'm also going to buy beads and sequins in various colours. i'm pretty quick with my hands so it shouldn't take me long to have a nice collection that style would be jealous of (haha i wish...!) i also like the idea of stitching some old school type designs into the cushions, so that they will really feel personal to me.
i'll be sure to post some photos nearer the time, but i am so excited about this!

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