Sunday, 29 August 2010

sunday 29th

I had a pretty amazing day yesterday. I went to Reading (so much muddier than last year!) to see one of my favourite bands of all time - The Libertines. I don't know if any of you were there/managed to cath it on tv, but they were amazing. They sounded so much like their recordings, and it still feels so surreal that it actually happened. I cried a little but nowhere near as much as my best friend who I was with! The relationship Carl and Pete still have is touching.
Do you ever get that feeling that there are actually some decent people in this world? I hardly ever do, I think the majority of people are bastards, but in the crowd for The Cribs/Dizzee Rascal me and my best friend were standing up against the second bar, and the boys behind us said 'don't crush the girls, we need to protect them and ake sure we don't squash them.' So instead of getting squashed into the bar, the boy behind me put his arms on each side of mine on the bar and created a shield, so that he took all the pain. I know it's not much but you don't really find people like that who care for strangers anymore.
So this is a blurry/horrible picture that I took of my hair before I left. I put the ponytail to the side so that it didn't get caught in the crowd (I never wear my hair up...) and I french plaited my fringe and the front of my hair so that it wouldn't get caught either. I have actually just realised how disgusting my roots look and I am sorry to you all for having to witness this horrendous picture of them. I wore leggings, a long white top a sleeveless grey hooded sweatshirt and one of my dads black jumpers (which drowned me at XXL!!) but I would have been sooo cold otherwise. To finish off I wore some new leopard print wellies from Topshop :)  and then the jewellery that I always wear.
It's my sisters wedding this upcoming Saturday, I'm going to be so busy helping with maid of honour stuff! Exciting! I need to go to get my roots done, my nails done and get a new tan for the photos and to look nice all day when there'll be lots of people I've not seen for years! I'll make sure to post some pictures of the day.

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