Wednesday, 22 September 2010

happy shopper!

I am so pleased that Hennes has finally decided to launch an online store! I love their clothes and they're not badly priced either. So that indeed gave me an excuse to of course, shell out £80 on bits and bobs as a nice thank you for them for making my life easier, and not wasting as much petrol to travel half an hour to go for a browse.
I fell in love with quite a few items, the first thing to catch my eye was a leather aviator jacket. Is it just me, or do you find that sometimes (quite often for me it appears) you really want something, clothes wise, but there just isnt any shop which sells it as it is clearly not 'in style'? This happened to me about six months ago with the aviator jacket. I almost shelled out £200 on ebay for a proper ex-flying one, but decided, being not as well off as I would have liked, that £200 was just too expensive for something which may not even fit or suit me. So I waited. Suddenly, out of nowhere they have appeared everywhere! From high fashion catwalks to River Island, Hennes and New Look! It is safe to say that I am pretty ecstatic.
However, as much as the Hennes one excited me on the website (and looks amazing on the beautiful model) I have decided to make the journey to my nearest Hennes to try one on in the flesh before purchasing. Not only is this because I am not sure how to return it if it looks odd/fits badly, but also because I now have such a wide range of these beautiful jackets to choose from!

So, my Hennes purchasing consisted of some biker boots (which I can't wait to wear, I literally might cry when the UPS man delivers them), some leopard print gloves with cute little zips, some dark 'mole' trousers (thought I might try something different from my staple black skinny jeans) and something I vowed never to buy again, but have caved in a moment of weakness; grey denim treggings. Well, I actually vowed never to by jeggings, as I hate them with a passion now, but I hope these ones will look more well fitted and less, well, disgusting!
I also purchased a chain top (not literally, as you can see it has chain print...) and a longline 'powder beige' vest top, which I hope is as pale pink with a hint of beige as it looks in the picture. Now, I am sure I ordered more, but really cannot think of what (I have the memory of a goldfish) so I suppose I will have a/some surprises in my delivery too! :)

I am also really happy Zara decided to open an online shop as when I am in store I often find a few unexpected items which I love, but they don't seem to have in my size. However, I am disappointed by the website (or maybe just the clothes they have in season?) as nothing really jumps out as me as much as I would have liked it to. One thing I do have to say is, their baby section is adorable. No, I am not 'with child' but one of my best friends is six months gone and I have some crazy love of all baby clothes, and don't even get me started on baby shoes! So if you're expecting or have a baby which you want to spoil, definitely head over there and check out their really pretty outfits.

River Island have also changed their website (hurrah! no more flash!) which makes it a lot easier to browse their clothes quickly, and to even save pictures (although I am so used to print screening now because of them...) they have a lot of really nice sheepskin in which I want to head in store to look at. I only rarely buy stuff online from them, as often the sizes don't match up to others, like Topshop, but a couple of months ago I bought a couple of things; a leather mini skirt (yes, I know I was sceptical too but it looks really biker-chic on!) and a Harley top. Maybe because I'm around so many  Harleys now, it was sort of already subliminally sold when I saw it, but it's a really cool baggy top which I can wear with jeans and leggings (a long vest top with the latter). I now have my eye on a chunky knit red double breasted cardigan, but at £40 I really need to  go and see it for myself before I buy.

This generally resolves my clothes shopping for the last month or two, as I have been having a few mechanical problems with my car and therfore am having to spend my money wisely just in case. Other than that, the only other news is that my English AS level got remarked and I jumped up (almost) two grades so now I am 2 marks off of an A, meaning I should hopefully get an A/A* next year if I try harder on the section of the exam I hate most... Poetry. Not only am I angry that the exam board have messed up the marking this much (almost 2 grade boundaries) I am also pretty upset that I decided not to get my Psychology remarked as I thought I did really well in it, but came out with a C. After this English error I will never know if I was deserving of the C or whether it was yet another mistake on their part. It frustrates me how the exam boards cannot communicate with each other to set a proper marking scheme which doesn't allow errors of this immensity to occur.

Anyway, enough of that.
I would love to hear of anything that you LOVE (or maybe just really like) that you have recently bought/seen in the shops. Please leave a comment or link me to your blog and I will read it, I love finding new blogs!

Harriet x

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