Sunday, 30 January 2011

tiffanys and barry m

post inspired by treats and treasures

here is day 3 of my challenge!

Tomorrow I will do day 4 and five which are:
04 – A day in the life, photographs taken throughout your day.
05 – A photograph of yourself two years ago.

I'll probably be going to ikea as well so expect some crazy photos from there too!
Let's see if I can find one from two years ago as well!

03 – A photo of your cellphone.

I don't normally do this but I think you all should enter

This is an AMAZINGLY generous giveaway with MAC and Benefit products along with other things too. The link to Andrée's blog is here and the post about her 100 follower giveaway is here. Her blog is great too, with loads of tips and photos to lovely make up looks so be sure to have a look even if you don't enter.
I think this is a great idea and as I've mentioned before I'm going to do one when I hit 100, so keep tuned to that :)

Good luck guys!

why are sundays always so miserable?

I hate the feeling of knowing I have to get up at 6am on a Monday; it really seems to affect my Sunday mood.
I've had a pretty hectic weekend, on Friday I went to a party in Salfords, it wasn't that good but I enjoyed seeing some old friends from last year. Then Saturday me and my friend Amie were so hungover so I drove us to a Starbucks and tried to ease the pain and queasy stomachs. Then, my friends 18th on Saturday night made me go out and have to face alcohol all over again; although I left a bit early cos one of my friends really upset me :(
My toes on Saturday night as well! Jeez! Wearing heels all night for 2 consecutive nights, my feet feel like I've submitted them to some sort of torture!
Anyway, I didn't get to take a photo of my outfit on Friday night and it was nothing special really, but I did manage to get a couple before I went out on Saturday for the black tie, white and black dress code, party. Unfortunately you can't really see much detail cos it was so dark I had to use the flash.

To tell you the truth, I wore a cream dress. I don't like wearing white because it washes me out too much when I don't have a tan, so I didnt think my friend would mind a slightly off colour!

Here is a picture of my outfit:

(Black) Blazer - Primark
(Grey wool) Tights - Topshop
(Black suede) Wedges - New Look
(Cream lace) Dress - Zara

How was everyone else's weekend?
Ohh, and due to not being in contact with the internet/a laptop since Friday, i havent managed to do my challenges! But I will create a new post now with a quick catch up :)


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

'how can her eyes 'beat like a tractor'?'

'No, it's saying 'I ride this motherf*cking beat like a tractor''
'Oh that makes sense now...'
(Wretch 32 - Traktor)
This is the video for it, I love this dancers feather cape!

This was a nice little conversation I had with my friend on the way home from College earlier. I always have really eventful car journeys. The other day I was pulling round into a sideroad and it was the first time I'd heard this song and a tractor was coming towards me! On a residential road...! Then it went up on the pavement to get past me. So surreal. We also always sing 'Like a G6' ' I'm feeling so fly like a cheese string' too. I love entertaining car journeys!
Do any of you have any funny car stories? I seem to spend my life chauffering so I have somany good ones :D

Anyway so...

Happy Wednesday guys! It's mid week, so the weekend is almost upon us! What are you all doing for it?
Friday I'm going to someones leaving party (I have no idea who this person is, but I havent seen a couple of my friends who are going for a long time so should be nice) and on Saturday I have a friends 18th where the dress code is white and black formal. I will take a picture of what I wear both days and show you all :)
So on Sunday I'm going to take it easy and watch a marathon of 24 (I finished Season 7 and have skipped back to Season 3), although I might be whisked to Brighton for my sisters annual Tattoo Convention at the racecourse.

Here is my post for the second day of my photo challenge:

02 – What’s in your bag?

The first picture is of my bag, from Pauls Boutique. I bought it ages ago but I love it so much and it's not damaged yet. Was pretty expensive too!

 Please click on this photo so it opens bigger and you can see my labels!

What do you keep in your bags? I can't leave the house without these things! Oh and my Blackberry is behind my purse but you can't see it. I fyou want to take a peek there's a post a couple down from this, but  tomorrows post is a picture of it anyway :)

I would write more for today, but unfortunately my stepdad just fell off his ladder and has been taken to hospital (he's a builder) so I should go and see him. Until later or tomorrow x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


today my very pregnant teacher told the class that she couldn't be bothered to turn up for my lesson tomorrow. my exam is on friday. is it just me or is that really bad?!

anyway, so today I remembered to take a photo of my outfit today for the challenge, here it is:

01 – A photo of you, taken today and the outfit you wore today.

A photo of me, taken today:

my camera made my eyes reeeeallly blue. lovely.....

and the outfit I wore today:

Jeggings - H&M
Top - Topshop (I know you cant see it but still...)
Jumper - Burberry
Lace waistcoat - New Look
Gilet - Zara

If you're doing the same challenge, link me and I'll post a link at the bottom of this post :)
Do you like my college outfit?


Monday, 24 January 2011

how do you like your eggs in the morning?

A question I love to ask people. I'm so strange... I'm actually starting off a post about eggs. But, isn't weird that you can make so many different types of egg?! Skills.
I love eggs, but my favourite type has to be poached. I eat poached egg on granary toast every morning (unless I am in a rush). Yum. How about you guys? How do you like your eggs?

Anyway so today was a pretty shabby day, College from 9am-4.15pm, which is officialy my longest day of the week. Thankfully Robyn and Nikki are always on hand to make the day slightly more bareable and help me not to smoke quite so much, or sit in the car reading magazines.

Anyway, due to my busy day I have completely forgotten to take a picture of what I was wearing, not that it was anything special for College but still. So I will definitely start this challenge thing tomorrow.

I've also been going to my mums gym every day for the past week or so and am feeling so much better for it, even if I only crosstrain for 35 minutes. But today, Nikki had to make me stop at the petrol station and she had to buy a bag of doughnuts for 99p. So she fed me one whilst I was driving us to the gym... the guilt I felt was actually unreal.

Right, well onto clothes. Here are some things I'm lusting after on the New Look website. Time to abuse my friends 50% staff discout I think ;)

 just in case...

I thought this would look nice to wear with a billow sleeved blouse.

The pictures are also links to the products, let me know what you think!
I wish I was rich enough to afford all these things....

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Black Swan

Last night I went to my mums and we watched Black Swan, it is really amazing. The costumes change over time showing how Natalie Portman is transferred from sweet innocent white swan through to the promiscuous, lustful and dangerous black swan. Not only is the dancing sensational and magical, but the acting by both Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Winona Ryder is excellent.
Admittedly I did only want to watch the film because of the hype over Rodarte's magnificent costumes, and believe me if you want to watch it for the same reason, you will not be disappointed, particularly during the Black Swan Dance near the end.

The film is pretty psychological so if you're a bit scared by that I would avoid it, but other than that it is a really beautiful film that will leave you guessing til the end.


I want to be a Swan Queen!!!

Is anyone else going to see it?

containers for beauty products

So I always have the dilemma of where to keep things beauty related. My dad has agreed to construct me a 9 drawer unit which will each hold a different produce e.g. eyeshadows, mascaras, foundations etc. He has been constructing this for quite some time now so I have had to take matters into my own hands and create my own storage boxes. They do look a little odd, but they're different and I'm growing to them...! Here's a run down:

1. Exactly as it says on the pot, 'Utensils' - eyelash curlers/combs/heated curlers/tweezers/brushes/eyelashes etc. 
Tesco homeware £6
2. Panettone tin - hair stuff e.g. curlers, hairspray, hair dye, clips, hairbands etc. My dad ate the Panettone and gave me the tin.
3. Marmite jar - cotton buds or Q tips (I just thought it looked cute :)
4. Golden Syrup tin - lipstick overflow tin.
5. Plastic underbed box - electricals - straighteners/hairdryers/curler/chargers
 6. Stone Bird Bath - My favourite Nail Varnishes - £30, Merton Abbey Mills market (a few years ago)
7. Ring holder hand
8. Old bath set box - bracelets

Then if you look in the column to the right over here ---> under 'furniture' you can see the shoe rack my dad made for me! I have another one now, and theyre all full up :/
He's not bad, he's also made me a bookshelf, a CD rack and a TV table. (If you like I can post some photos of his craftsmanship)

In Tesco there's another thing from the same range as my Utensils pot, it's a large ceramic bread bin and I really want it for my straighteners and curlers! But it's £20 and I'd rather spend that on some new clothes ;)

p.s. I will start that month challenge tomorrow when I next get dressed to go out to College and put make up on :)

What do you guys use for your things? Please link me or tell me, I'm interested!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

just ordered some jewellery

 From Esty, shop name: coral6688
Cat: £11.22
Owl: £6.29

Really excited for them to come, I've recently found some really nice jewellery on Etsy and will do a review of the shops tomorrow. Might try and get in contact with my favourite designer for a little interview as well :)

How long do packages from USA take to deliver???!

Has anyone else ordered any nice jewellery recently?


i dont use tumblr

But its great to have one just so you can look at other peoples that post pictures of fashion. There are loads of things that have been inspirational, for example:
So go take a look :)
Tell me if you have a tumblr and I'll follow yours too!

becoming more and more nervous...

...about UCA. Really want to know the outcome of the interview.
We have not yet made a decision on your application. Please keep checking the Applicant Portal to see whether the status of your application may have changed.
Today I've been procrastinating about revision. I have my psychology module next week and I still need to do some work for it, but that can be done after this post I'm sure...

On another note, my christmas present from my sister came today. Well I did get them on Christmas but they were too small. Tell a lie, the right foot shoe was too small but the left fitted perfectly... :/

So here they are: 
ASOS PEACHES suede platform court shoes
Not sure how much they were as they were a Christmas present but they are probably still on ASOS
They aren't too high and seeing as I'm around 5"6/7 they should be perfect to wear and not be giant compared to everyone else haha.
I think I remember seeing Cheryl Cole wearing a pair of similar looking courts too.

It seems that whenever my dad sees me these days he must give me some sort of empty container to store my makeup/hair stuff in, so recently I have acquired a clean Marmite pot, Lyles Golden Syrup tin and Frank Cooper's Original Marmalade jar. They're quite cool really, and I can actually use them which is good.
Yesterday when I got home from college I received my FIDM packet that I asked for ages ago (thats Fashion Insitute of Design and Merchandising) but seeing as it's come from LA it seems thave taken a good few months (?) Anyway, it is by far the nicest prospectus I have ever seen, but then again American Uni's are daft expensive. I can always dream... I loved how the woman wrote my name. My dad says it's 'American writing' and that all Americans add swirls and that to it, but I like it!

Will post the Day 1 photo later cos I'm still in bed 'revising'. Just to let you know I'm going to look like a tramp cos I'm only going to the gym, but oh well.

What's everyone else doing this weekend?

Harriet xxx

Friday, 21 January 2011

pretty boring day

So last night I stayed at my mums with the intention of using her gym to work out. That didn't really happen and I went over and watched the Golden Globes (I love you Helena Bonham Carter!) and then went to sleep. I've been really tired recently, not too sure why, I've been getting the same amount of sleep. Anyway so this morning I actually got up and went in the gym at 8.20am which must be some kind of record. Stayed in using the crosstrainer til 8.50am and then went and showered and got ready for college. Only had to go in for one lesson, but it was the most pointless lesson ever. We read 2 pages fo chaucer and basically every line told us how much of a whore the Wife of Bath was. Sorry if you like Chaucer, but he's reeeeallly not my style. So went to see my mum again after college and then came home and watched the last 5 episodes of 24 Season 7. Damn Season 8 for being so expensive. An now I'm chillinnn in bed watching HITCH, too much love for this film. I know I'm way too cool being in on a Friday night, but I have an A2 Psychology module next friday with 52 studies (about 150 A4 pages) to learn and i haven't looked at them yet... Thank God for retakes, eh?
Also found this picture of Kelly Brook at a Dior dinner, I actually love the dress, reminds me of Swan Lake. Can't wait until I can go see it!

How has everyone else's day been?

P.S tomorrow I thought it would be nice to start this:

01 – A photo of you, taken today and the outfit you wore today.
02 – What’s in your bag?
03 – A photo of your cellphone.
04 – A day in the life, photographs taken throughout your day.
05 – A photograph of yourself two years ago.
06 – A photograph of yourself without makeup.
07 – A photo of yourself, not taken by you.
08 – A photo of someone you fancy at the moment.
09 – The contents of your fridge, MTV Cribs style.
10 – Your dream wedding.
11 – A photo of the item you last purchased.
12 – Your favourite movie.
13 – What you want more than anything right now.
14 – Your current wishlist.
15 – Something you regret.
16 – The most beautiful picture of your best friend.
17 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
18 – A photo of your house/apartment.
19 – A photo of your handwriting.
20 – A band/artist not many people know of, but you think should.
21 – A photograph of the part of you that you dislike the most.
22 – A photograph of the part of you that you like the most.
23 – The next plan you have coming up that you’re really excited for.
24 – A song to match your mood.
25 – A photograph of the town you live in.
26 – A celebrity you don’t like, and why.
27 – A photo of your faviourite item of clothing.
28 – A cartoon caracter that you´d love to meet in real life.
29 – What’s in your make-up bag?
30 – A photograph of yourself taken today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thinking of doing a giveaway...

I'm thinking when I reach 100 followers I will probably do a giveaway either of a MAC lipstick or a number of my favourite cosmetics, so stay tuned whenever this will be! x

University for the Creative Arts interview and haircut

Hey guys :)
Yesterday (Wednesday) was my interview at UCA Epsom to do a BA in Fashion Journalism. I feel that the interview went well and, fingers crossed, will be a student there in September! The atmosphere there seems to be really friendly and the student that gave a tour of the small campus was helpful and made the course sound really interesting. I made a friend immediately after getting my sticker from reception; there was either a seat alone or a seat next to the only girl in the foyer who had no earphones in, so I chose to have a chat, which ended up calming us both down about the interview... (Hi Ellie!) I actually really liked the interview, it was a group of 6 of us and we were literally asked to talk about fashion, designers and magazines (three things I love to talk about...) Ahh, how amazing would it be? To actually get in to UCA and do the course I've been wanting to do since I was thirteen? This is the only thing about my future which is actually really exciting me right now, I've never felt this way about education, and quite frankly I'm beginning to scare myself.
Anyway, enough of that, I will expect an email about my application and let you know how it goes :)

The day before my interview, Tuesday, I went to the hairdressers and they have literally cut all my hair off. Basically the moral of the story is - don't bleach your hair unless you can afford almost daily kerastase treatments, which I couldn't. My hair used to be elbow length and my most prized feature. Now it is short - barely touching the top of my bra. I mean, my stylist at RUSH Epsom did a really good job with it but still... my beautiful long hair... here's a picture of me but bear in mind that my hair isn't styled, but you get the gist.

Anyway so I'm coming up to 50 followers which is really lovely and I'd like to thank you all for taking the time out to come look at my blog :) Please let me know what you think of it!

Monday, 10 January 2011

just some light reading for tonight

oh and here is a lovely little picture of me and my kitty, Arnie :)

kingston again and my mums 50th. photatoes of outfits...


So Sunday I went back to Kingston (and took my mum with me, although she was very hungover from her 50th the night before) for once, not the designated driver. I bought a mohair beige jumper dress from Zara, my furry gilet from Zara (yay!) and an ivory coloured lace dress from Zara as well! (Zara overload...!) I really think they should open a Bershka in Kingston too, and close down Hollister. I find Hollister really boring, it's too dark and the clothes are plain and the same all year round. I do however have a lace vest top from there, I was intrigued in Westfield by the exterior of the shop and the wonderful Abercrombie-esque smells wafting from the tropical shutters. I bought it because it's my favourite colour red.
This was my outfit for the day, it wasn't actually too cold outside so I teamed leggings and a long (bum covering) white vest top with this jumper and a denim jacket. I wore a pearl headband and put my hair in a bun because it was in a mess from the night before. On my feet I chose to wear some mocassins

Jumper - Primark
Denim Jacket - Primark
Skinny Waist Belt - New Look
Leggings - Topshop
White top - Topshop
Mocassins - Joe Browns

Here's a photo of me and my mum that she took from the front seat of the car. It was so odd not being the driver, especially because I havent been chauffered anywhere like this for months!
Oh and here's a photo from her 50th Birthday! I took some photos before I went out of my outfit and my hair.
Top - River Island
White Vest Top - Topshop (I have millions of these)
Leggings - Topshop
Belt - Primark
Bracelets - Primark
Necklace - Primark