Saturday, 22 January 2011

becoming more and more nervous...

...about UCA. Really want to know the outcome of the interview.
We have not yet made a decision on your application. Please keep checking the Applicant Portal to see whether the status of your application may have changed.
Today I've been procrastinating about revision. I have my psychology module next week and I still need to do some work for it, but that can be done after this post I'm sure...

On another note, my christmas present from my sister came today. Well I did get them on Christmas but they were too small. Tell a lie, the right foot shoe was too small but the left fitted perfectly... :/

So here they are: 
ASOS PEACHES suede platform court shoes
Not sure how much they were as they were a Christmas present but they are probably still on ASOS
They aren't too high and seeing as I'm around 5"6/7 they should be perfect to wear and not be giant compared to everyone else haha.
I think I remember seeing Cheryl Cole wearing a pair of similar looking courts too.

It seems that whenever my dad sees me these days he must give me some sort of empty container to store my makeup/hair stuff in, so recently I have acquired a clean Marmite pot, Lyles Golden Syrup tin and Frank Cooper's Original Marmalade jar. They're quite cool really, and I can actually use them which is good.
Yesterday when I got home from college I received my FIDM packet that I asked for ages ago (thats Fashion Insitute of Design and Merchandising) but seeing as it's come from LA it seems thave taken a good few months (?) Anyway, it is by far the nicest prospectus I have ever seen, but then again American Uni's are daft expensive. I can always dream... I loved how the woman wrote my name. My dad says it's 'American writing' and that all Americans add swirls and that to it, but I like it!

Will post the Day 1 photo later cos I'm still in bed 'revising'. Just to let you know I'm going to look like a tramp cos I'm only going to the gym, but oh well.

What's everyone else doing this weekend?

Harriet xxx


  1. I wish my handwriting resembled something like that >.<

  2. I know right! Mine is so boring compared. I guess calligraphy comes naturally to them.

  3. I love the squiggle on the n of Kingdom. No wonder it took so long to arrive if they spend that long putting swirls on every letter!
    Good luck with UCA, I grew up in Epsom!xx

  4. Really? What school did you go to? Thanks for the luck! x

  5. I adore your gorgeous grey heals!!


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