Sunday, 23 January 2011

Black Swan

Last night I went to my mums and we watched Black Swan, it is really amazing. The costumes change over time showing how Natalie Portman is transferred from sweet innocent white swan through to the promiscuous, lustful and dangerous black swan. Not only is the dancing sensational and magical, but the acting by both Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Winona Ryder is excellent.
Admittedly I did only want to watch the film because of the hype over Rodarte's magnificent costumes, and believe me if you want to watch it for the same reason, you will not be disappointed, particularly during the Black Swan Dance near the end.

The film is pretty psychological so if you're a bit scared by that I would avoid it, but other than that it is a really beautiful film that will leave you guessing til the end.


I want to be a Swan Queen!!!

Is anyone else going to see it?


  1. Really wanna go and see this!!
    Claudia xxx

  2. my parents saw it and said it was great! cool blog :)

    The Flower Girl


  3. thank you :) you should go and see it too!

    harriet x

  4. such a beautiful film :)

    I now wish my parents forced me into ballet school or something :P

  5. I'm desperate to see this film! x

  6. Oh I wanna watch this movie!


  7. So jealous! I'm seeing it on Thursday and cannot waittt! x

  8. it's definitely worth the wait :) x

  9. ..can't wait to see this movie ..looks fabulous ..


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