Sunday, 23 January 2011

containers for beauty products

So I always have the dilemma of where to keep things beauty related. My dad has agreed to construct me a 9 drawer unit which will each hold a different produce e.g. eyeshadows, mascaras, foundations etc. He has been constructing this for quite some time now so I have had to take matters into my own hands and create my own storage boxes. They do look a little odd, but they're different and I'm growing to them...! Here's a run down:

1. Exactly as it says on the pot, 'Utensils' - eyelash curlers/combs/heated curlers/tweezers/brushes/eyelashes etc. 
Tesco homeware £6
2. Panettone tin - hair stuff e.g. curlers, hairspray, hair dye, clips, hairbands etc. My dad ate the Panettone and gave me the tin.
3. Marmite jar - cotton buds or Q tips (I just thought it looked cute :)
4. Golden Syrup tin - lipstick overflow tin.
5. Plastic underbed box - electricals - straighteners/hairdryers/curler/chargers
 6. Stone Bird Bath - My favourite Nail Varnishes - £30, Merton Abbey Mills market (a few years ago)
7. Ring holder hand
8. Old bath set box - bracelets

Then if you look in the column to the right over here ---> under 'furniture' you can see the shoe rack my dad made for me! I have another one now, and theyre all full up :/
He's not bad, he's also made me a bookshelf, a CD rack and a TV table. (If you like I can post some photos of his craftsmanship)

In Tesco there's another thing from the same range as my Utensils pot, it's a large ceramic bread bin and I really want it for my straighteners and curlers! But it's £20 and I'd rather spend that on some new clothes ;)

p.s. I will start that month challenge tomorrow when I next get dressed to go out to College and put make up on :)

What do you guys use for your things? Please link me or tell me, I'm interested!


  1. These are so cute/creative! I love the bath set box. I use pretty cath kidston tea cups for my brushes :) x

  2. thats a really good idea, wish they werent so expensive though :( x

  3. I love the marmite cotton bud holder! Such a good idea! Might have to steal that one when I finish my jar :)


  4. haha they make the cotton buds smell a little like marmite but I don't mind :p


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