Wednesday, 26 January 2011

'how can her eyes 'beat like a tractor'?'

'No, it's saying 'I ride this motherf*cking beat like a tractor''
'Oh that makes sense now...'
(Wretch 32 - Traktor)
This is the video for it, I love this dancers feather cape!

This was a nice little conversation I had with my friend on the way home from College earlier. I always have really eventful car journeys. The other day I was pulling round into a sideroad and it was the first time I'd heard this song and a tractor was coming towards me! On a residential road...! Then it went up on the pavement to get past me. So surreal. We also always sing 'Like a G6' ' I'm feeling so fly like a cheese string' too. I love entertaining car journeys!
Do any of you have any funny car stories? I seem to spend my life chauffering so I have somany good ones :D

Anyway so...

Happy Wednesday guys! It's mid week, so the weekend is almost upon us! What are you all doing for it?
Friday I'm going to someones leaving party (I have no idea who this person is, but I havent seen a couple of my friends who are going for a long time so should be nice) and on Saturday I have a friends 18th where the dress code is white and black formal. I will take a picture of what I wear both days and show you all :)
So on Sunday I'm going to take it easy and watch a marathon of 24 (I finished Season 7 and have skipped back to Season 3), although I might be whisked to Brighton for my sisters annual Tattoo Convention at the racecourse.

Here is my post for the second day of my photo challenge:

02 – What’s in your bag?

The first picture is of my bag, from Pauls Boutique. I bought it ages ago but I love it so much and it's not damaged yet. Was pretty expensive too!

 Please click on this photo so it opens bigger and you can see my labels!

What do you keep in your bags? I can't leave the house without these things! Oh and my Blackberry is behind my purse but you can't see it. I fyou want to take a peek there's a post a couple down from this, but  tomorrows post is a picture of it anyway :)

I would write more for today, but unfortunately my stepdad just fell off his ladder and has been taken to hospital (he's a builder) so I should go and see him. Until later or tomorrow x


  1. i like your baggg!
    Claudia xxx

  2. Thank you :) it was £70 in the Bentalls, Kingston but I think you may be able to find it on ASOS still too :) xx

  3. i had that song blaring out my car today love it!

  4. ..when my cousin just had her licence we had a crazy trip ( long journey ) it was scary as her skills wasn't so good ..

    ..always in my bag - mobile , notebook , purse ..and pen ..sometimes I leave my make-up bag at home ..

  5. they never seem to play it when im in the car! no fair!

    haha @ellinelle, i remember after i passed i went straight to epsom to surprise my sister and she already knew!(?) i was shaking so much after i could barely drive 20 minutes without adrenaline interfering haha

  6. The bag is so cute! You have a lovely blog hun :)

  7. Love this post
    I want to do a post like this on my blog too
    Just started following you and Love your blog :)

    -Sydney xo

  8. thank you guys :) @sydney i will post a link to yours in my next challenge post! x


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