Monday, 24 January 2011

how do you like your eggs in the morning?

A question I love to ask people. I'm so strange... I'm actually starting off a post about eggs. But, isn't weird that you can make so many different types of egg?! Skills.
I love eggs, but my favourite type has to be poached. I eat poached egg on granary toast every morning (unless I am in a rush). Yum. How about you guys? How do you like your eggs?

Anyway so today was a pretty shabby day, College from 9am-4.15pm, which is officialy my longest day of the week. Thankfully Robyn and Nikki are always on hand to make the day slightly more bareable and help me not to smoke quite so much, or sit in the car reading magazines.

Anyway, due to my busy day I have completely forgotten to take a picture of what I was wearing, not that it was anything special for College but still. So I will definitely start this challenge thing tomorrow.

I've also been going to my mums gym every day for the past week or so and am feeling so much better for it, even if I only crosstrain for 35 minutes. But today, Nikki had to make me stop at the petrol station and she had to buy a bag of doughnuts for 99p. So she fed me one whilst I was driving us to the gym... the guilt I felt was actually unreal.

Right, well onto clothes. Here are some things I'm lusting after on the New Look website. Time to abuse my friends 50% staff discout I think ;)

 just in case...

I thought this would look nice to wear with a billow sleeved blouse.

The pictures are also links to the products, let me know what you think!
I wish I was rich enough to afford all these things....


  1. i always go through different egg phases haha i use to love scrambled, then i loved over easy and now i just like them scrambled into hash browns or hard boiled haha

  2. Awwh I love eggs, they're so yummy!
    I love the peter pan collared tops, so cute.
    Tho I think New Look's prices are bit steep!
    :O x

  3. @Aubrey - me too, but Ive fallen for poached, so much less fattening than fried. I love over easy too, I just CANT STAND - or eat for that matter, I do throw eggs away - when the white of an egg is still runny. It makes me feel really ill!

    @Harriet - I think the prices are pretty dear, but the clothes themselves are pretty good quality and transfer well through seasons. If you think about Primark, you can buy a top for around £6-£10 but might only be able to wear it twice before it falls apart. I don't mind paying for quality like this, I dont expect much but I like to wear things more than once haha. I just wish I had enough money to buy everything at once rather than nominate one or two things :(! xx

  4. haha me too!! I if the eggs have raw whites on it i wont eat it or i'll scrape it off (try to at least) I love poached too on toast, i don't know why i don't make it more often

  5. I love the peter pan collars! Great choices x


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