Saturday, 22 January 2011

just ordered some jewellery

 From Esty, shop name: coral6688
Cat: £11.22
Owl: £6.29

Really excited for them to come, I've recently found some really nice jewellery on Etsy and will do a review of the shops tomorrow. Might try and get in contact with my favourite designer for a little interview as well :)

How long do packages from USA take to deliver???!

Has anyone else ordered any nice jewellery recently?


  1. Awww they're lovely!
    I love anything to do with Owls.

  2. yeah there were two different ones to choose between but this one was the nicest :) x

  3. Love them!
    Claudia xxx

  4. cute is that ring , reminds me of those cat's hairbands :)

    ..hmmm..I think it takes about 2 weeks , but be sure about tax if you order something expensive ..I had a very unpleasant surprice once !

  5. I know! The cat one is my favourite. My mum just had a look at my blog and said that judging by the amount of posts today the owl ring might limit my typing with its weight haha!
    I don't wana wait two weeks (impatience kicks in) for my rings!

    harriet x

  6. I love etsy! Those rings are so pretty. Love the cat one x

  7. I need to have a proper look around etsy, do you have any etsy shop recommendations? x

  8. those are the cutest rings i've ever seen! i'm jealous.:))

  9. go and buy some of them before they sell out! :) x


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