Sunday, 30 January 2011

why are sundays always so miserable?

I hate the feeling of knowing I have to get up at 6am on a Monday; it really seems to affect my Sunday mood.
I've had a pretty hectic weekend, on Friday I went to a party in Salfords, it wasn't that good but I enjoyed seeing some old friends from last year. Then Saturday me and my friend Amie were so hungover so I drove us to a Starbucks and tried to ease the pain and queasy stomachs. Then, my friends 18th on Saturday night made me go out and have to face alcohol all over again; although I left a bit early cos one of my friends really upset me :(
My toes on Saturday night as well! Jeez! Wearing heels all night for 2 consecutive nights, my feet feel like I've submitted them to some sort of torture!
Anyway, I didn't get to take a photo of my outfit on Friday night and it was nothing special really, but I did manage to get a couple before I went out on Saturday for the black tie, white and black dress code, party. Unfortunately you can't really see much detail cos it was so dark I had to use the flash.

To tell you the truth, I wore a cream dress. I don't like wearing white because it washes me out too much when I don't have a tan, so I didnt think my friend would mind a slightly off colour!

Here is a picture of my outfit:

(Black) Blazer - Primark
(Grey wool) Tights - Topshop
(Black suede) Wedges - New Look
(Cream lace) Dress - Zara

How was everyone else's weekend?
Ohh, and due to not being in contact with the internet/a laptop since Friday, i havent managed to do my challenges! But I will create a new post now with a quick catch up :)


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