Monday, 28 February 2011

we don't do, we just are!

'We are living, in the age, where the pursuit of all values, other than; money, success, fame and glamour, has either been discredited or destroyed'
This is the true story of Michael Alig, a Club Kid party organizer whose life was sent spiralling down when he bragged on television about killing his drug dealer and roommate.

The film begins in 1980’s New York and continues through to the 90’s when ‘club land’ was at its peak. Michael Alig, an outcast child from Indiana moves to New York in search of the glitz and the glamour he yearns for. In doing so he becomes a club kid promoter whose life spirals into a downwards abyss after murdering his drug dealer and friend, Angel Melendez, and boasting about it on TV. The underground legend that is Alig becomes involved in drugs and his addiction leads him to become one of the most famous individuals on the club scene. Owning a record label, magazine and hosting Disco 2000, the most coveted and attended club nights of the nineties, Alig was at the top of his game, and through the purple haze of drugs did not realise that he was indeed touchable.

Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green perform spectacularly in this real life story brought to the big screen by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato.  
Not only is the storyline and acting great but the set is one of the most magical I’ve seen in a film, with bold colours (fit for Spring I might add…) and loads of glitter, it is definitely one to watch.
Having an older sister who spent the majority of her teenage years unsuccessfully trying to groom me into becoming a Goth, meant that I got to see some great films like Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction that I probably would never have seen at a young age if my she was into Christina Aguilera and *NSYNC like all her friends.

From the age of 10 I remember being captivated by the costumes and outlandish behaviour depicted by Culkin and co. in the film, and although I was still regularly watching Home Alone on video, it made me realise that film wasn’t just a way to show fantasy and magic through clever pranks and fictional plots. People lived like this. The glitz. The glamour. Working from the bottom to get to the top. It’s something that amazes me now.

The clothes that they wore. Wow. If you went out like that now you’d be heckled and called crazy, and most probably even be committed. Take, for example, the wings worn by Angel below. They are amazing, brilliantly made, wonderfully worn, especially with the white shirt and leather corset. Now we are likely to see the orange girls in slutty dresses when we go out – and no, it’s not for a pre-arranged fancy dress club nights like Disco 2000.

Wigs. Feather dresses. The biggest fake eyelashes you will ever see. Cross dressing. Make up. Costume parties.
Why can’t we have nights like this now? Granted in the 80’s/90’s they were all drugged up on E, but today we have the materials to make club nights great. Club nights now are an opportunity for girls and boys to meet up and have no strings attached sex, most probably leaving a memorable fake tan stain on the bed.
How did things become like this? Consumerism? A lack of individualism? Self-consciousness and over indulgence play massive roles. You are more likely to see these outfits worn as costumes in the Notting Hill and Rio carnivals, this is possibly the most underrated film ever, but let’s look back at Party Monster and see what things should really be like.

Catch a glimpse of Damien (Mean Girls) and Chloë Sevigny?

Now try and get that song out of your head...

Sunday, 27 February 2011

last night

Here are some photos from the party I went to last night!

Before hair and change of outfit:

Foundation - MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Mascara - L'oréal Double Extension Re-Activant Sérum
L'oréal Volume Million

Eyeliner - Rimmel Exaggerate - 001

Eyebrow pencil - Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - 001

Eyeshadow - Grey - Maxfactor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow - Stardust
White - Dazzle Dust - White
Black - Maxfactor Colour Protection Duo Eyeshadow - 470 Star Studded Black

Lipstick -MAC Cremesheen - Creme Cup

Bronzer -Collection 2000 Bronze Glow - 01 Sunkissed

Powder - Collectio 2000 Pressed Powder - 1 Candelight


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Ear Cuff

So I mentioned in this post that I was buying loads of feathers to make my own earrings/hair pieces.
What I actually decided to do with them was make an ear cuff. I'd seen them on loads of blogs, in posts by fashiontoast and various other places, but I'd never seen any for sale, so I decided to follow a tutorial and then make one. Unfortunately, the tutorial that I originally found to follow, I lost when my computer crashed this afternoon and I had to just make it all up from what I remembered. If you guys are interested in seeing how they are made or making one for yourselves, I'll explain in detail and show you some steps.

The things you need for this is wire (I bought 0.8mm silver wire from eBay, it cost me around £2) and feathers (I used pheasant and game feathers so yes they are real, but are collected non intrusively from the birds which are kept free range - also from eBay).

It's pretty easy to do, here are some photos:

Here is a photo of what I've been wearing around th house today, Jack Wills tracsuit bottoms, New Look stripey top and a vintage cardigan from Brick Lane.

And what I ate, yesterdays leftover sauce with some mushrooms and leeks put in it and with pasta instead of rice! Courtesy of my daddy of course!
Guys! Now that I've realised people actually still look at my other blog, started as a Project 365 last year - but has kind of just turned into a place where I just post photos, I have begun updating it again so you can catch the newest post here:

Other than that I'm kind of just chillaxing today. Going to have a nice long bath in a while and then wash my hair and paint my nails. My friend's having a party later tonight so I'll post here what I'm wearing before I leave/when I've decided and will post throughout the day if something exciting happens.

What're you all doing tonight? What are you wearing if you go out? It's such an awkward temperature to dress for now, neither too cold nor too hot.

P.S - I'm going shopping next week for my giveaway so stay tuned for when I hit 100! :)

Friday, 25 February 2011


Here's a little run down of my day so far:

LUNCH: rice, asparagus and creamy garlic and onion chicken


 Then the post came, and made me very happy. All these things were for me of course :)

 My lovely bag from bellevintage came and to my surprise, an old Sainsburys receipt was tucked into the back pocket, which dated back to 1997. It was actually quite interesting to see how cheap things were then compared to nowadays.

My dreamcatcher from ebay (which dyed my hands blue as I took forever untangling it)

My new scarf from bellevintage came as well, lovely! My mum has one thats almost identical and I've always tried stealing it off her but she won't have it!

Ooh you can see my bellevintage bag in the background as I have tried and failed miserably to take a good picture of my lacey socks and boots. The socks are too short to go over the top of the boots.

So I tried them with my 'babyslut' (as my friends call them) new look heels., and I think they look pretty nice.

(p.s. sorry my dressing room is such a bloody mess!)

aaaand I managed to catch this advert on E4 for the new 'House of Anubis' series. My friend is in this, (Alex Sawyer). It's on today at 5pm on Nickelodeon if you want to make your children watch it. I must admit, I haven't watched nickelodeon for 11+ years but tonight I will be tuning in!


Yesterday I started reading The End of Alice by A.M. Homes, a book documenting the (fictional) correspondence of two paedophiles, one serving a life sentence in prison and the other, a young woman, grooming a small neighbourhood boy. 

I know this book sounds a bit wrong, but I suppose that was the appeal of me reading it, it sparked so much controversy when it was released in the US, that I thought it might be a good read. 
I've included a photo of page 22, just read the top of it and you can see just how strange it is!
I've had this book for ages, I love buying books in bulk, spending hours on Amazon researching them before adding them to my basket, but the bad thing is, I'm always so busy with college that I never get a chance to sit down and read them. I'll take a photo of my bookcase if you're interested :)

Earlier in the afternoon me and my best friend took a trip to Box Hill to have a chat and a catch up. We kind of fell out a few weeks back so I hadn't talked to her for ages, so it was really nice. I love how things can go back to normal so fast because you just know each other so well. I know Box Hill (Dorking, Surrey) seems and odd place to drive to, but there is literally nowhere else to go and park without being pestered by doggers (especially Epsom Downs, dogging hotspot on the border of London, many a fateful night has occurred here when me and my friends go for an innocent drive). Here are some pictures I took of the view.

You can kind of see the top of the hill, about 2cm (in the photo obviously) after the white post. My mum used to take me here when I was little, and me and my sister used to run down (and then up) the hill! Can't believe how insane we were for doing that. One day my sister (who's four years my senior) provoked a Shetland pony and it chased us back up the hill. I, being small, was left behind and for a long time I was scared of returning.

Here's a little photo of my best friend!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

first ever ootd!

  (I've learnt that if you click on them they get bigger!)

Currently have this on repeat. Her voice is so amazing it gives me shivers!

Jumper: Vintage St. Michaels M&S
Tights: M&S?
Socks: River Island
Top: Topshop
Bag: Pauls Boutique

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I don't know about you guys, but I'd love to be able to cook. I burn things in the microwave and have been know to make my friend a frozen vegeburger sandwhich. the only thing which I can successfully say I can cook is scrambled eggs, bacon and baked beans (and cupackes, I'm sick at baking cupcakes). Usually I'm alright at the microwaving thing too but today, I got the shock of my life (using an oven)!
Well not really of my life but you see where I'm going with this.

Let's start from the beginning...
The day before Valentines, me and my best friend decided to take full advantage of Marks and Spencer's £20 deal (2 starters, 2 mains, 2 sides, 2 puddings, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates). Unfortunately we had decided to do this at 8pm when all the M&S' were closed, so I had to drive us to the nearest M&S petrol station where we became really excited (because M&S food is so tasty and we were starving). However the deal wasn't on there (noooooo!) so we decided to just buy a normal amount of food. We got two carbonaras, a mushroom pasta, a pack of four flat garlicbreads, a box of tiny seasoned potato cubes and 2 slices of cheesecake.
It all went very well and I was left with the mushroom pasta to take when she stole the box of potatoes and garlic breads :(

So I decided to eaty my pasta today for lunch. Set the oven all right and put it in, left it for 30 minutes so I could check on it and everything. Before consumption and this is the sight I was met with:

I swear oven ready meal packaging isn't supposed to melt INTO YOUR FOOD?
How am I so bad at this cooking thing?
Is it supposed to come naturally, because my mum is like the best cook ever and my dad isn't bad and my sister can even cook spaghetti bolognese from scratch!

What can you guys cook?
Have you had any cooking disasters or are you renound for being an excellent chef?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

eBay madness

So I just dropped £30 on eBay buying pheasant and other game feathers so that I can make my earrings/hair pieces. Really excited about this project. I also had to buy little jewellery pliers, wire and 100 fish hook earring findings (it was either 1 pair or 50 pairs!)

Another thing I picked up was this dreamcatcher, I've always wanted a dreamcatcher, but never found a really nice looking one, but I came across this which looks quite South American, which I love. Its like 60cm lon as wellg, which is really big for a dreamcatcher, so it should look really nice above my bed or above my fireplace.

Last week I ordered some MAC eyeliner, so when that turns up I'll write a little review of it. It needs to turn up sooner, I've just run out of Bourjouis and Rimmel so need more!

Can't wait for my things to come, have any of you guys bought stuff off of eBay recently?