Saturday, 5 February 2011

challenge catch up!

04 – A day in the life, photographs taken throughout your day.

 Morning gym session.
 First cigarette of the day - so dark.
 Trip to the post office to pick up my rings!
 My mumma in IKEA gliding with the trolley - no legs!!
 What I'd like my dorm/flat to look like at uni
 Me and Hannah on a late night cruise to Box Hill
My hair getting messy on Reigate Hill

05 – A photograph of yourself two years ago.

 Both of these pictures are extremely old! 2009! I miss my old hair with no need for extensions.

06 – A photograph of yourself without make up.

eurghhhhh. sorry for cracking your computer screens.

07 – A photo of you, not taken by you.

 I'm the one on the far left with blonde hair. Wish my hair was still like that...

08 – A photo of someone you fancy at the moment.

 hohoho, gotta dodge this one and choose Travie Mccoy!

09 – The contents of your fridge, MTV Cribs style.

Not very exciting, fruit, eggs and vegetables. Cranberry and grapefruit juice, marmalade, flora and sprite. In the door are sauces like fajhita spicy sauce and nandos etc :)

10 – Your dream wedding.

Big white wedding in a Catholic church, an old style one with loads of carved wood and candles everywhere, with all my friends and family. I haven't really thought about getting married, which I suppose is odd for a girl, seeing as we're all supposed to have 'planned them since we were 12'.

11 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

 Photo taken from Lauren's Dressing Room
Bought: Croydon Centrale MAC stand - £13
MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Creme Cup

 12 – Your favourite film.

 The Godfather part I, II & III and The Lion King part I & II!


  1. Love The Godfather! I saw a coffee table book in Waterstones, it was so thick but packed with everything about the films and lovely photos.


  2. wow must check that out, I'm a sucker for picture books (and normal books but I love glossy photos!)
    The Godfather is just a legendary film. Have you read the book? It's possibly my second favourite after Breakfast At Tiffany's. Recommendation!!


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