Saturday, 19 February 2011

come up and see me, make me smile

hello! so last night I started on my first article for the new issue of Daydream Nation, and decided to write an A-Z of the most famous and well read blogs, hopefully to inspire other students at my college to get reading and involved with the online world that so little people (in the sense of how many people are on this planet) pay attention to. It's an article that will hopefully show how easy it is for independent blogger to mould fashion, just by writing what they think in an online journal and how success and enthusiasm can create wholly respected views on style as we know it.

This is taking me FOREVER because I keep getting caught up reading all the great posts and 3 hours later find that I am still on the same blog.

I would love some recommendations from my fellow bloggers. Who shall I include? Who do you love? QXY blogs would be great :)

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