Saturday, 26 February 2011

Ear Cuff

So I mentioned in this post that I was buying loads of feathers to make my own earrings/hair pieces.
What I actually decided to do with them was make an ear cuff. I'd seen them on loads of blogs, in posts by fashiontoast and various other places, but I'd never seen any for sale, so I decided to follow a tutorial and then make one. Unfortunately, the tutorial that I originally found to follow, I lost when my computer crashed this afternoon and I had to just make it all up from what I remembered. If you guys are interested in seeing how they are made or making one for yourselves, I'll explain in detail and show you some steps.

The things you need for this is wire (I bought 0.8mm silver wire from eBay, it cost me around £2) and feathers (I used pheasant and game feathers so yes they are real, but are collected non intrusively from the birds which are kept free range - also from eBay).

It's pretty easy to do, here are some photos:

Here is a photo of what I've been wearing around th house today, Jack Wills tracsuit bottoms, New Look stripey top and a vintage cardigan from Brick Lane.

And what I ate, yesterdays leftover sauce with some mushrooms and leeks put in it and with pasta instead of rice! Courtesy of my daddy of course!


  1. omg soooo beautiful!!!!!!! such a great idea!!!

  2. that is unbeleiveably cool! ahh i love it! X

  3. Wow the piercings and feathers are amazing!!! Love your blog, please check out mine? XXX


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