Saturday, 26 February 2011

Guys! Now that I've realised people actually still look at my other blog, started as a Project 365 last year - but has kind of just turned into a place where I just post photos, I have begun updating it again so you can catch the newest post here:

Other than that I'm kind of just chillaxing today. Going to have a nice long bath in a while and then wash my hair and paint my nails. My friend's having a party later tonight so I'll post here what I'm wearing before I leave/when I've decided and will post throughout the day if something exciting happens.

What're you all doing tonight? What are you wearing if you go out? It's such an awkward temperature to dress for now, neither too cold nor too hot.

P.S - I'm going shopping next week for my giveaway so stay tuned for when I hit 100! :)


  1. Thank you for your great comment! Really going to use your advice! I totally love vintage shopping. What's the best English food you could get there? Off course I'll try the fish & chips with vinegar. People say it's great, while here in the Netherlands they put mayonaise on their fries.
    I'm also going to that big Urban Outfitters and Topshop, because we don't have it here.
    And thanks for following! X

  2. I follow you now =)Have fun tonight =)

  3. thanks! and Lynn, I've replied on your blog! x


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