Friday, 4 February 2011

I Got in to UCA !!

So unbelievably happy. I will be studying fashion journalism in September!!!
Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, I need to update my challenges and post some photos of the things I bought over the past week.

Me and my friend Nikki have this routine where I drive us to Kingston the first Thursday (late night :)) of the month after we've been paid and we just go a bit crazy and have a really good afternoon/evening.

Do you have any funny routines like this? I think we should save our trip until the end of the month because by the time it comes around we have no money at all!

Anyway, I'm so, so happy!
Hope you have all had a good week, any exciting news you'd like to share?

- Harriet xx


  1. Congrats!! It would be amazing to be a fashion journalist :) So happy for you!

    & I don't really have any funny routines but for some reason I've been going shopping after school everyday lately! Not a good routine..

  2. thank you lovely!
    oh that's not a bad thing! you dont even have to buy anything it's just so good to browse. I used to do it so that I didn't have to go home because my school was in the middle of town. single handedly helped the recession back then haha :)

  3. Well done! I've got my interview there for Fashion Journalism on the 23rd! I also
    have one for UCA Rochester on Wednesday for Fashion Promotion!
    Any advice on the interview would be lovely!
    Claudia xxx

  4. Hey, yeah, just be yourself. Thats the biggest advice, and don't talk about things completely non relevant to the course, like a tattoo you just got of a poem when the interviewer asked what you've been doing at school... she didn't seem too impressed by someone who said that.
    Err, I won't give too much away because it's probably not a good idea to learn answers to her questions (or his actually, I had the head professor as my interviewer) because you can notice unnaturalness a mile off. Just be prepared with your portfolio and put quite a lot of writing in it.
    I was so scared for my interview and actually made an instant friend in the reception area, we calmed each other down a lot and I hope she got in too! Other than that, I actually found the interview pretty enjoyable so just relax and I'm sure everything will go smoothly. Let me know how it goes!



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