Tuesday, 22 February 2011

'ohhh this? it's vintage'

Haha suckers! Now it's time to get happy because with the increasing amount of online vintage stores, we can all use one of the new most used phrases we receive when complimenting a friend/colleague/rival's outfit...
My favourite online vintage store of the week has to be  *drum roll please*


How cute? I can almost hear all your cursors click over to browse popmycherry for some great finds.
My favourites are without a doubt the short ankle socks, the lace looks as if it would be b-e-a-utiful coming out over the top of my ankle boots and I can't wait to try out the look and show you guys...!

Multi Bow Printed Tights
Classic Black & White Spotty Tights
White Frilly Lace Ankle Socks With Bow
White School Girl Textured Knee High Socks
Ivory Frilly Lace Ankle Socks

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