Friday, 25 February 2011


Here's a little run down of my day so far:

LUNCH: rice, asparagus and creamy garlic and onion chicken


 Then the post came, and made me very happy. All these things were for me of course :)

 My lovely bag from bellevintage came and to my surprise, an old Sainsburys receipt was tucked into the back pocket, which dated back to 1997. It was actually quite interesting to see how cheap things were then compared to nowadays.

My dreamcatcher from ebay (which dyed my hands blue as I took forever untangling it)

My new scarf from bellevintage came as well, lovely! My mum has one thats almost identical and I've always tried stealing it off her but she won't have it!

Ooh you can see my bellevintage bag in the background as I have tried and failed miserably to take a good picture of my lacey socks and boots. The socks are too short to go over the top of the boots.

So I tried them with my 'babyslut' (as my friends call them) new look heels., and I think they look pretty nice.

(p.s. sorry my dressing room is such a bloody mess!)

aaaand I managed to catch this advert on E4 for the new 'House of Anubis' series. My friend is in this, (Alex Sawyer). It's on today at 5pm on Nickelodeon if you want to make your children watch it. I must admit, I haven't watched nickelodeon for 11+ years but tonight I will be tuning in!


  1. yay so glad it got to you safely! i noticed the receipt in the bag but thought id keep it in their for a sentimental touch. xx

  2. Haha it will go in my little box of memories no doubt!
    Thanks Sarah, you can buy them on eBay really cheap!


  3. Thankyou for the comment! :) your blog is great, now following!! ooh and i LOVE that scarf! XX

  4. i lovee dreamcatchers!

  5. I've been wanting a dream catcher for so long now! Your's is so beautiful!

  6. amazing heels!!thank you for the comment and for following!!i follow you back!!

  7. What a lovely post!
    You've got me all jealous of your heels and socks and your amazing bag (I have something for socks, no one wlil ever understand it)

    I'm following your blog, would you mind following mine back?

  8. thanks girls!

    @fashionablydrugged: make sure you check out the belle vintage store and my vintage post a few down from this, it's all about vintage socks!!


  9. Lovely things =) and very nice blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?

    ▲ Lots of love, Lisette ▲

  10. The socks are darling with the heels! Want!


  11. Thank you! I really wish they were long enough to wear with my boots :( xx

  12. wow, i love ur heels and the socks!! :>


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