Monday, 28 February 2011

we don't do, we just are!

'We are living, in the age, where the pursuit of all values, other than; money, success, fame and glamour, has either been discredited or destroyed'
This is the true story of Michael Alig, a Club Kid party organizer whose life was sent spiralling down when he bragged on television about killing his drug dealer and roommate.

The film begins in 1980’s New York and continues through to the 90’s when ‘club land’ was at its peak. Michael Alig, an outcast child from Indiana moves to New York in search of the glitz and the glamour he yearns for. In doing so he becomes a club kid promoter whose life spirals into a downwards abyss after murdering his drug dealer and friend, Angel Melendez, and boasting about it on TV. The underground legend that is Alig becomes involved in drugs and his addiction leads him to become one of the most famous individuals on the club scene. Owning a record label, magazine and hosting Disco 2000, the most coveted and attended club nights of the nineties, Alig was at the top of his game, and through the purple haze of drugs did not realise that he was indeed touchable.

Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green perform spectacularly in this real life story brought to the big screen by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato.  
Not only is the storyline and acting great but the set is one of the most magical I’ve seen in a film, with bold colours (fit for Spring I might add…) and loads of glitter, it is definitely one to watch.
Having an older sister who spent the majority of her teenage years unsuccessfully trying to groom me into becoming a Goth, meant that I got to see some great films like Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction that I probably would never have seen at a young age if my she was into Christina Aguilera and *NSYNC like all her friends.

From the age of 10 I remember being captivated by the costumes and outlandish behaviour depicted by Culkin and co. in the film, and although I was still regularly watching Home Alone on video, it made me realise that film wasn’t just a way to show fantasy and magic through clever pranks and fictional plots. People lived like this. The glitz. The glamour. Working from the bottom to get to the top. It’s something that amazes me now.

The clothes that they wore. Wow. If you went out like that now you’d be heckled and called crazy, and most probably even be committed. Take, for example, the wings worn by Angel below. They are amazing, brilliantly made, wonderfully worn, especially with the white shirt and leather corset. Now we are likely to see the orange girls in slutty dresses when we go out – and no, it’s not for a pre-arranged fancy dress club nights like Disco 2000.

Wigs. Feather dresses. The biggest fake eyelashes you will ever see. Cross dressing. Make up. Costume parties.
Why can’t we have nights like this now? Granted in the 80’s/90’s they were all drugged up on E, but today we have the materials to make club nights great. Club nights now are an opportunity for girls and boys to meet up and have no strings attached sex, most probably leaving a memorable fake tan stain on the bed.
How did things become like this? Consumerism? A lack of individualism? Self-consciousness and over indulgence play massive roles. You are more likely to see these outfits worn as costumes in the Notting Hill and Rio carnivals, this is possibly the most underrated film ever, but let’s look back at Party Monster and see what things should really be like.

Catch a glimpse of Damien (Mean Girls) and Chloë Sevigny?

Now try and get that song out of your head...


  1. I've always wanted to watch this movie! Talk about Lady Gaga before it's time!

  2. this film looks really good! i'll have to check it out sometime! I'd loved to have been a teenager in the 80's! Alas, i was not even born then!
    In answer to your lovely little comment on my blog/s, i have seen some of the mighty boosh live shows, and you are super duper lucky to have danced with Noel! I'm so jealous! :( xx

  3. You guys have to watch it if you like all things sparkly like me, Mrs Magpie! Haha :)
    Yeah being a teenager in the 80s would have been insane! :( xx


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