Sunday, 20 March 2011

To Ink or Not to Ink...

You may think that tattoos are as common as having a Blackberry or iPhone in society today, but only in the last couple of decades have our opinions on body art changed. The chances are, if you tell your grandparents that you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, their minds will immediately jump to the adorned skin of rebel bikers, sailors and Hell’s Angel members. Although we may instantly think of celebrity tattoos clad on the likes of Rihanna, Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole, the generation gap has increased and the comprehension of fashion and beauty as we know it has fallen in. A recent interesting figure shows that one fifth of British adults claim to have a tattoo, the majority of which maintain that they hold personal meanings, but we are seeing a significant increase in the numbers of drunken mistakes appearing too.

Tattoo artists today are trying to fight and curb the imitation of celebrity tattoo’s, with many studios refusing to tattoo a design which is not their own and instead creating a personalised piece of art, suitable for an individual, after a detailed consultation. Emily Wood, a tattooist at Black Heart Tattoo Studio in Epsom, explains that ‘we have a lot of girls coming in asking for Cheryl Cole-esque hand tattoos, but we turn them away. They might think that it’s okay now, but there still seems to be prejudice towards those with visible tattoos when considering a normal career. We have a blanket ban on hands, face and neck.' Tattooing has become a craze among celebrities and public alike. Although many opt for a simple tattoo of a butterfly or bow, it's becoming increasingly common to see individuals with full arm and leg sleeves or sporting elaborate chest pieces.

Rick Genest is the underworld icon that has taken the fashion industry by storm. His rise to fame has been sudden and effortless, surfacing in January 2011 when Lady Gaga's stylist chose him to appear in the singer’s music video 'Born This Way'. In great contrast to today, where Genest is walking the catwalks in Paris for Thierry Mugler, he used to live as a 'bum' on the streets of Montreal, where his only jobs were begging and performing as a circus freak in the Showcase of the Mortal Sins. His forte was playing the deadly sin of 'sloth' which included lying on a bed of nails. Genest fulfilled his role in these performances solely to collect enough money for his next tattoo. Genest is the epitome of a tattoo addict, since 2002 he has become obsessed with using his body as a canvas for portraying the decomposition of a corpse. He is completely covered from head to waist, and is getting ready to take his art the whole way down his body too.

This instance of body art takes tattooing to the next level, and although your average person is not covered in tattoos, Genest wouldn't feel out of place at many a British tattoo convention, where people go to admire the art on and by others.

In fact, new statistics inform us that it is estimated that at least 1 in 8 British women have a tattoo and so do a whopping 50% of all Americans over 21.

Famous celebrity tattoos which are often ‘requested’ in studios today include those modelled by Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Billie Piper, Fearne Cotton, Nicole Richie and Peaches Geldof.

Even one of the world’s most coveted designers, Marc Jacobs, has been inked all over by renowned tattoo artist, Scottie C. One of his tattoos is of unconventional cartoon character, Cartman (South Park) and another is a Simpson version of himself. He has two portraits of his pet terriers, ‘Shameless’ embellished upon his chest, ‘Bros Before Hoes’, a sofa and loads of coloured stars, just to name a few.

One big tattoo mistake to look out for is making sure that you spell your tattoo correctly, whatever language it is written in. DON’T trust an online translator or even your tattoo artist. Instead ask someone who you know or who speaks the language you want your tattoo written in. Even some celebrities forget to follow this rule...

If you’re getting a tattoo, make sure you do it for the right reasons!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just a quick post...

... to say how sorry I am that I haven't posted for ages, I'm so stressed at the moment with heaps of work due in, resits to take and books to read for college. I can't believe I have 180 amazing readers now, it really doesn't seem real! I wish you all the best of luck in my giveaway and thank you for all your lovely comments you've left me. I will try my hardest to look at all your blogs over the weekend if I haven't looked at them already :)
I promise that next week/at the weekend I will post somre great stuff (hopefully you'll enjoy it :))

Here's a really brief run down of things that have happened to me since I last posted:

  • I got my January exam results back, I got a B in Psychology :)
  • Today I spent the afternoon with one of my best friends babies, whilst she went to class (I had half a day) he's 9 weeks and will only stop crying if you walk around with him or drive him places...!
  • I got my car back with a brand new bonnet and alarm :) If you look in the front windows when the car is locked it will beep and flash at you for a couple of seconds. Should deter petty crims.
  • I have realised how much my parents care about me and just want me to do well in college
  • My friend made me stop working on Friday night to take a bit of weekend off and got me addicted to Jersey Shore. WAAAAA
  • Due to getting a B in Psychology I have now decided to resit last Summer's paper to try and get an overall B once all my modules are averaged out.
  • I have decided that to get the best grades possible I need to resit all of last summers exams; that's Spanish, English and Psychology.
  • Have been going into college every morning at 8am to try and catch up with work
  • Haven't read Great Expectations yet
  • Haven't handed in an English essay due today because it hasn't got enough quotes and I know I can do better
  • There has been no time in my days to read Vogue, Harpers Bazaar or ELLE.
  • I am so tired that I physically nor mentally can go into college tomorrow and instead am going to stay at home and catch up on my work after having a much needed sleep.
  • As Editor of Fashion, I have 5 articles to write by tomorrow for Daydream Nation but have literally had no time to do any of them (bar one) and am going to have to ask the my editor for an extension
  • No time for work = to time for exercise/gym = self conciousness all week
  • I have no money other than EMA until next month
  • My car needs to be taxed at the end of this month...
So all in all there have been some lows and some highs and it's only Wednesday. Pretty eventful and busy and I really feel as if I need a holiday! How has your week been?
Plus, I promised myself I would donate to Comic Relief this year (did any of you catch those celebrities in the slums programmmes?) so I've managed to save a little for that :)

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Barry M Overload

So today I thought I'd do quite a normal post about what I look like and wore today. Due to the excitement of yesterday's post, I don't think you guys need anything quite so interesting today and I'm still exhausted from everything that stressed me out yesterday!
First of all, here are a few photos of what I wore today. I had to use the autotimer so this is the best I got from my camera as I was going to be late for my lift to college.

The denim jacket is from Primark last summer, the skinny jeans are from Topshop and are sold all year round. The stripey top is a recent New Look buy and the grandad cardigan is from Beyond Retro (a vintage store on Brick Lane). I didn't end up wearing the Uggs to college as it made the outfit look really clumpy, instead wearing black boots.

This is the eye and general make up I wear daily, pretty minimal really as I use foundation, powder, bronzer (although this picture is so light you can't tell!) eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pencil.

When I got home, I decided to buff and repaint my nails. It's the first time I used my electric nail file and buffer so I was pretty excited (the ones that the use in the nail salons!). My nails are in really bad condition due to all the years of acrylic nails and the fact I don't eat or drink much calcium. I decided to paint them clear, using Barry M, and then adding two coats of 'Red Wine', also by Barry M. After that I applied a red glitter Barry M nail colour. The next coat was my Crackle Barry M nailpaint which, unless you have been living in a cave for the past few months, covered the colour and then cracked making it have a stoney/giraffe effect. Barry M overload! The final coat was a clear glitter which made the crackle effect shine and enhanced the reflection of the varnish in the light.

I usually don't like the crackle nail paint because I think it make it just look as if your nails are dirty or that they have chipped, but I think this looks alright.
In future I reckon that I'll just stick to my classic blood red...

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

the pancake day from Hell...

So last night I stayed up really late because I knew I had a nice lie in before college today, little did I know this would not be the case.
My dad burst into my room at 7am and poked me, saying 'Harriet, I hate to tell you this, but someone has stolen the bonnet off of your car.'
Haha very funny I thought... is today April Fools? No... that's in April. Leaping out of my bed and running to my dressing room window I looked out to see my baby Clio, Gary, with no bonnet, engine exposed.

On closer inspection, the thieves had managed to wrench their way into the door, pull the lever to open the bonnet of my Renault Clio and then unhinge it, cutting my windscreen washer cables and causing close to £800 of damage in their path. The door was gaping open at the top a good 3 inches and there were dents all along it where they had kicked and smashed their way in.

My dad rang the police for me as I was still in a state of shock. I didn't really want to go outside because not only did I not want to see all the damage I would need to fix, but neighbours were beginning to mill about and talk about it on the busy main road that I live on in South London.

After 10 minutes a police man was at the door, he took some info about the incident and I was classed as a 'victim' which I found slightly odd. He took me to the car and made me see if anything was stolen. Luckily as I had been to Brighton and had friends in the back, I had taken all my expensive shoes and stuff out that I normally just throw on the floor. They had in fact only taken my parking change pot which had around £10 in, they even left all of my CD’s and packet of dirty (Paris Hilton) cigarettes.

He left, and a SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer), yes I had a real CSI, left the police station to meet us. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited about this because I am an avid fan of CSI and wanted to see what they really did - which wasn't much - but when he turned up I found myself pretty disappointed, nothing like Mac Taylor or Gil Grissom. He also said he hated CSI so lost a few points in my book.
After finding a ('brilliant') set of fingerprints on the inner door, he went on to take mine to eliminate me from the process, which just made me feel a little like a criminal. I took a picture of my fingers because I thought it was cool!

 I took the car to be repaired and should hopefully have it back by the end of the week. What a horrible day. I think it’s safe to say I didn’t bother going in to college...! What’s funny is I’m never even normally at home, and even when I am I very very rarely get the parking space right outside my house and instead have to park in a permit bay at the end of the next road.

One thing that managed to cheer me up was that my April Vogue (Kate Winslet looks sooo different and I can't wait to read the Q&A with Dolce & Gabbana) came and also my sisters 22nd Birthday present of MAC eyelashes which I wrapped up really nicely.

To cheer me up, my dad went shopping and bought some pancake stuff so that we could have our first pancake day (we never normally bother with it). I only managed three pancakes before I started feeling really sick.
I should really of taken a photo of my damaged car to show you all how brutal people can be, but I forgot and I don't really want a picture to remind me. I miss him already and he's only been gone a few hours! (Yes I personify my cars)

How was your day guys? Has anything like this happened to you before? Did you have some tasty pancakes today?

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Monday, 7 March 2011

sorry about the lack of posting

I've been really busy at college and trying and failing miserably to get all (or any) of my work done.
Posting will resume as normal again tomorrow as I have a lot of things I want to share with you all.
Thanks so much to all of you who have entered my giveaway so far, I wish you all the best of luck :)

Here are some clothes that my sister gave me, which do not fit because she is sooo freaking skinny. I may be putting them up on eBay or I may keep them to see how much weight I can lose vefore trying to squeeze my way into them. If any of you really like them, I can talk about prices with you, but otherwise I will link you to them if and when I put them up on eBay!

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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Enter My 100 Follower International Giveaway Here

 Hey guys, I've been preparing for this since I hit 100 followers at the beginning of the week, thinking what would be nice to give away. I can't believe I've hit 100 in such a short amount of time after taking a huuuuuuge break from blogging last year and each comment you leave makes me so happy :)

I went shopping on Tuesday and bought some things and then had a good think about what else I could include. 

This is what I have decided:
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Here are the rules of my giveaway:

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Good luck my lovelies!!

Uh-Oh, Galliano

What a moron you have been John, why did you have to be all racist and anti-Semitic in that restaurant? Surely you knew that it was probably not the best thing to say being such a high profile designer, or even at all for that matter. You have now lost possibly the most coveted job in the fashion industry due to your drunken slurs. It disgusts me how he made those remarks, once I looked towards him as an idol and now it is easy to see him for who he truly is. It's such a shame because I can't help but feel a huge loss as his collections for Dior have been so magical and inspiring for so many years.
Here's a snippet of what he said to two (Italian, not Jewish) women whilst the third filmed.
"I love Hitler... People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be fucking gassed."
This was an unprovoked attack which occurred last December. The ladies began a conversation with him as he was sitting alone drinking and they knew who he was, and he began hurling abuse at them. He's now in rehab due to a similar and more recent drunken assault.
Pretty damn disgusting. 

Galliano is British, and has been working as the head designer for Dior since 2007. He attended Central St. Martins and has worked for big names such as Givenchy. Anyone who has seen his shows will know what a great and original designer he is with breathtaking couture and incredible shoes. Due to his moving designs and creations it's difficult to believe that Galliano has such dated and obscene racial views.

Here's the video if you haven't yet seen it:

P.S. Later on tonight I will anounce and open my giveaway :)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lady Manson

Is it just me or do you think Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson would make the cutest couple ever!? Their children would probably be the most insanely awesome children on this planet. They are both so creative and similar whilst being so different to others musically. I can see so much of Manson's creativity in Gaga and even though I don't particularly like either of their music, I do love the style and the way they go about portraying their originality both through fashion and through art, the two being closely linked. Have you seen the new Born This Way video? It's mental. If you thought that the extended version of Telephone was mental you should see this... I watched it with my mum, and we had to play it twice to properly digest it. There is an introduction which lasts two and a half minutes, about the birth of Gaga's perfect race, before the song actually gets going, which granted is pretty damn strange.
Manson's videos, such as my favourite Tourniquet, are all so unique and different to many of those made in the same decade, using make up, role play and squeamish moments (such as some pretty dirty close ups of cockroaches and maggots) to entice and hypnotise his viewers and fans.
A few of you may have read my article on Gaga's meat dress which was published in an old edition of Daydream Nation and thought about what critics have had to say about her outlandish and lavish outfits and attention grabbing behaviour. I reckon if I was famous I would wear a lot of the things Gaga wears, like those McQueen heels - to die for, that's if I could pull off her looks..! I think fashion is all about taking risks and making statements which could in turn mould the future of fashion.

What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga and/or Marilyn Manson? Do you agree with me? I would love to hear your views!

My favourite part of the music video is this when Gaga and her leading man are dressed up like skeletons. She looks amazing and the dancing is great...! Plus that hair, wish I could get away with a pale pink like she does.

Here are the videos :)