Tuesday, 8 March 2011

the pancake day from Hell...

So last night I stayed up really late because I knew I had a nice lie in before college today, little did I know this would not be the case.
My dad burst into my room at 7am and poked me, saying 'Harriet, I hate to tell you this, but someone has stolen the bonnet off of your car.'
Haha very funny I thought... is today April Fools? No... that's in April. Leaping out of my bed and running to my dressing room window I looked out to see my baby Clio, Gary, with no bonnet, engine exposed.

On closer inspection, the thieves had managed to wrench their way into the door, pull the lever to open the bonnet of my Renault Clio and then unhinge it, cutting my windscreen washer cables and causing close to £800 of damage in their path. The door was gaping open at the top a good 3 inches and there were dents all along it where they had kicked and smashed their way in.

My dad rang the police for me as I was still in a state of shock. I didn't really want to go outside because not only did I not want to see all the damage I would need to fix, but neighbours were beginning to mill about and talk about it on the busy main road that I live on in South London.

After 10 minutes a police man was at the door, he took some info about the incident and I was classed as a 'victim' which I found slightly odd. He took me to the car and made me see if anything was stolen. Luckily as I had been to Brighton and had friends in the back, I had taken all my expensive shoes and stuff out that I normally just throw on the floor. They had in fact only taken my parking change pot which had around £10 in, they even left all of my CD’s and packet of dirty (Paris Hilton) cigarettes.

He left, and a SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer), yes I had a real CSI, left the police station to meet us. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited about this because I am an avid fan of CSI and wanted to see what they really did - which wasn't much - but when he turned up I found myself pretty disappointed, nothing like Mac Taylor or Gil Grissom. He also said he hated CSI so lost a few points in my book.
After finding a ('brilliant') set of fingerprints on the inner door, he went on to take mine to eliminate me from the process, which just made me feel a little like a criminal. I took a picture of my fingers because I thought it was cool!

 I took the car to be repaired and should hopefully have it back by the end of the week. What a horrible day. I think it’s safe to say I didn’t bother going in to college...! What’s funny is I’m never even normally at home, and even when I am I very very rarely get the parking space right outside my house and instead have to park in a permit bay at the end of the next road.

One thing that managed to cheer me up was that my April Vogue (Kate Winslet looks sooo different and I can't wait to read the Q&A with Dolce & Gabbana) came and also my sisters 22nd Birthday present of MAC eyelashes which I wrapped up really nicely.

To cheer me up, my dad went shopping and bought some pancake stuff so that we could have our first pancake day (we never normally bother with it). I only managed three pancakes before I started feeling really sick.
I should really of taken a photo of my damaged car to show you all how brutal people can be, but I forgot and I don't really want a picture to remind me. I miss him already and he's only been gone a few hours! (Yes I personify my cars)

How was your day guys? Has anything like this happened to you before? Did you have some tasty pancakes today?

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  1. that's so awful!!
    but hopefully the pancakes made everything better haha!
    happy pancake day :)


  2. Hahah this blog post made me giggle!

    I study Forensic Biology in Uni. Many people come on the course because they believe its going to be like CSI on the telly! Nope hahha its not that glamorous at all.
    But I love it ^^

    I hope your cars going to be OK!
    I don't know what I'd do if someone hurt my Bertha. :[

  3. Oh my goodness that is not a good way to start the morning! I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope it gets better. On the bright side those pancakes look delicious! ; )

  4. That's horrible! I can't believe that someone would do that! I hope you get your car back and it's safe and sound forever more.


  5. wow what a bizarre day you've had! i'm glad you've managed to see the funny side of it despite things. such a shame people felt the need to vandalise your car etc but i hope the pancakes and the (very exciting) fingerprinting made up for it a bit xxx

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, I just saw your comment and rushed over here to read in detail! Some criminals are just bonkers! Just before Xmas, Mum and I went shopping. We'd been out for about 2 hours. Got home, lay on the sofa and watched telly. Then about 4 hours later, mum asked if she could borrow my laptop to go on e-bay. I look around. No laptop. Then I looked to the footstool, no iphone(I'd forgotten to take it with me). Look beside the telly, no ps3! The burglars came into our house through the dining room window (which even a cat can't fit through as we have indoor cats!), helped themselves whilst MY TWO DOGS WERE IN THE HOUSE AND MY BROTHER WAS UPSTAIRS IN HIS ROOM PLAYING XBOX! We had the police round and SOCO who told me that burglars are now armed with dog treats! Apparently, my brother even heard Cyrus the little one bark like crazy and shouted him from upstairs to shut up! Luckily I got everything back on the insurance but what a pain! and the xmas before, my other dog died so I have cursed xmases! www.ktcyrus.blogspot.com

  7. That's horrible - I hope they catch the people who did it! I would be devastated if anything ever happened to Kermit! (My car is the same green colour as the frog, hence the name!)

  8. Oh my God! This is so horrible; I'm so sorry for this.
    I don't want to make you feel but but, HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY! You are a really strong woman, after all that happened you still had the power to do a post.
    All my best wishes and a big kiss.

  9. Awe thank you!! They were pretty fun to make. I used a box set of "classic" gel food dyes from Betty Crocker. : )

  10. Wow, that sucks...I hope they find whoever made off with your car bonnet soon! At least you could laugh about it, I'd be so pissed off!

  11. Aww honey, I'm sorry to hear that this happened! So glad they didn't manage to take much, though. At least the whole police investigation thing was kind of interesting for you! :(

    I'm making pancakes for breakfast in about a half hour here...the ones you posted look delicious!

  12. Good thing you took your UGGs out ey! Hannah and I have our uses. We'll have to go to Camden to buy you another skull pot :)

  13. haha nikki, we do indeed need to go. do you want to come with me to pick up my car seeing as you make me feel less lonely on the motorway?

  14. Those pancakes look delicious! I made some actually a few days ago with chocolate chips and bananas. You should try it some time, it's so so good!

    great post! hope you catch that thief!




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