Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding: HRH Prince William of Wales, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Congratulations to the Royal couple!

As everybody knows, yesterday 29th April 2011 was the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and HRH Prince William of Wales at Westminster Abbey. Instead of going up to London for the big day I decided to watch the events unfold from my living room. I began watching at 10am and finished at 6pm. I must admit, I was mainly interested in seeing the McQueen dress which was sadly given away the night before as Sarah Burton left the The Goring Hotel in Westminster. The dress as we all know was exceptionally beautiful, I actually almost cried when she got out of the car outside the Abbey. (I even took a photo of the tv!) And that tiara, lent by Queen Elizabeth II, was the icing on the cake! 

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie both sported unusual dresses. Eugenie wearing a bright Vivienne Westwood number whilst Eugenie wore couture Valentino and of course, that (pretty ridiculous) Philip Treacy hat which would have been more suited to classic Gaga attire rather than Royal wedding class.

The Princes, of course, looked so handsome with their formal uniforms on, I must say that I prefer Harry's (look at those cuffs!)

I wish it would be acceptable for me to have pageboys wearing these outfits which matched Williams of the Royal Guard, they looked absoulutely precious, and the girls looked every last bit elegant to match the Bride.

Of course, Philippa Middleton wore McQueen to. At first I thought that her dress may upstage her sisters, but once you see the beautiful lace adorned elegantly cut dress which Princess Catherine wore, nothing could compare, and they complimented each other beautifully. My father even commented on how stunning Pippa looked. I was so nervous when they were walking down the aisle, I thought at least one of them would trip up!

I could not imagine a more perfect dress, she did in fact look a lot like Grace Kelly when she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco in 1956. The nipped in body and lace sleeves and bodice were wonderful with the pleats and that cut...! What Mcqueen has always been famous for...

'You look lovely... you are beautiful' William said to Catherine after Harry whispered to him 'Just wait until you see her... here she is now...'

Prince William and Kate saying their vows was touching and to hear the million people that had gathered on the streets of London cheering at various stages was very special.
The newly married couple, don't they just look so happy?

'I am so proud you're my wife' Prince William said when he way helping her into the carriage. Awww! 'I'm so happy' she responded. Later she asks, 'Are you happy?' to which William responded ,'Yes! Yes! It was a beautiful service! It really was. It was amazing... was amazing... am so're my wife! It's mad! Oh my goodness it... really loudly here... these people are clapping.'

A couple of the official Royal photographs which were taken in the Throne room at Buckingham Palace before the kiss(es).

 'Harry, It's your turn!' William calls over the balcony as they see the huge crowd below who have all come out to be a part of the big day.

This image really reminded me of The Lion King, you know when Simba was being presented to all the animals on Pride Rock and there were thousands of them all below screaming praise (well for animals)?
It was so special to watch and we are very lucky to be able to be given the opportunity to share the big day with them.

Kate slipped into something a little more comfortable for the evening party which carried on until around 3am...

... as did Beatirce who, can I say, looks quite a lot better than in her first outfit of the day.

Princess Diana of Wales would be so proud of both her boys if she were there, my mother almost cried when she mentioned it, and then said that she 'thinks she was there, watching' which I thought was quite touching. My mum, like millions of others, loved Princess Diana.
Princess Catherine's dress was a far cry from Princess Diana's but both suited the women for the repsective times.

Every girl dreams of becoming a Princess, Catherine's dream came true.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Weekend

I thought I'd post some quick photos to show you what I've been up to over the past couple of days. Nothing too exciting, mind. Anyway, back to revision after this, and will hopefully get London College of Fashion Day two and three diary posts up tonight!

This is what I wore to Good Friday dinner at The Gourmet Pizza Restaurant on Southbank. I'm a good Catholic and swapped meat for tuna, not that I like meat on pizza anyway...
Blazer: Ralph Lauren
Dress: Zara
Bag: H&M
Sunglasses: ASOS
Belt: Topshop

After dinner we went and had a quick look at the river before we started our post-pizza walk down the thames (to the bar.) We saw these two men writing 'The Hard' in the Thames sand/mud, so I'm guessing they might have ended it 'Rock Café' but who knows.

My Mumma :)

This photo is for Katy and Sam who went back up North after our spell at LCF. London definitely misses you! 

Graffiti bridge/skate/bike park

 Carousel and London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

 My ginger tom, Arnie, lying about in the sun. I actually rubbed some sun cream into his ears where he's balding and so he's not too impressed with me in this photograph...

 Bagheera sprawled out under the table escaping the sun!

I won hands down at Scrabble against one of my best friends, and it was the first time I ever played...
(I know some words are wrong/misspelt but we got a little stuck ;))

What have you guys done this Easter weekend?

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Winner of Giveaway!

Congratulations Robyn at you have won:
  • MAC lipstick
  • 2 Natural Collection lipsticks
  • H&M earrings
Plus, I'm following you now too!
I have emailed you for your details; what MAC lipstick you want and where you would like your prizes to be shipped to.

I hope you enjoy them! xxx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

my first award!

Tereza Anton at Drastic Plastic has awarded me with the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD :)

Again, this has been sitting in my post page for a while :(  but thank you so much it means a lot to me!
I'm exhausted from this week as I've been working pretty hard at LCF and commuting during rush hour so I'm off to have a bath and a drink at the pub, hopefully!

Soooo, here are the conditions of my award:

- 10 new things about yourself
- Award 10 other blogs with the KREATIV BLOGGER award.

My heritage is pretty mixed up. My Nana was born in Melilla, Morocco, to Spanish parents as my great grandfather was a member of the Guardia Civil. My Grandfather was Italian, moved to Gibraltar as a member of the Guardia Civil too and married my Nana who lived in Southern Spain again at this point but was working as a cleaner in the military base there. Aaaaand my dad is from Coventry (haha!)
So yeah, I'm pretty mixed up but unfortunately, not too naturally tanned :(
My favourite colour is crimson and if I see anything vaguely the same colour in a homeware section, I will buy it. This has resulted in the numerous acquisition of crimson candles, cushions, blankets, vases etc. Ikea is great for me and my colour obsession (also a big fan of lime green cushions...!) This isn't my bedroom by the way haha.
I love driving. I spend most of my life in my car, (a 2005 ORANGE!!!! Renault Clio Extreme called Gary -- R.I.P Vinnie <3) and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. I love taking spontaneous trips to Brighton and Wimbledon's drive-thru Krispy Kreme (that's right guys...) with my friends and sitting on Box Hill and Epsom Downs in the dark having really long talks.
I have my own dressing room, a converted third small bedroom, containing four rails of my clothes and 3 ceiling high bookcase type shoe racks. I still insist I have nothing to wear. All my hangers have to face towards me on the rails, otherwise I go OCD and have to rearrange all of them again. The photo is not my dressing room but I can do a post on it if you guys want me to :)
Silent Witness, 24, Waking the Dead, CSI and The Event are my most frequently watched shows. I love laughing at shows like LA Ink though. Sorry, are we ever going to see you actually do a tattoo?
I have way too much knitwear in my wadrobe, so much so that I have been banned from buying any more by one of my best friends until I sort it out.
I don't eat chocolate. No matter how hard you try to convince me to eat it. I haven't eaten it for five years and I'm not gonna start now! Also haven't eaten red meat (beef, lamb, venison etc) for 3 years now. Not too sure why, but I miss red meat waaaay more than chocolate.
Two high street stores going waaaay up in my estimations are ZARA and Hennes (H&M). Every time I go in there now I come out with a bag (or two) but thats nothing on my mum, who can come out with huuuuuge bills.
Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable in my own skin, like I don't really belong. I feel really lost and think about the point of life, but I guess everyone does sometimes.
I smoke, as much as I wish I didnt, about 10 Marlboro lights a day, which to you smokers should realise is a very expensive and health damaging habit. I'm hoping to give up after summer. The first cigarette I ever smoked was my sisters that she left on the desk in her bedroom - my whole family smoked at the time so I thought it was pretty normal, but I remember that I was 12 at the time.

I award the following bloggers with the KREATIV BLOGGER award:
  • Ifee at Living in Wonderland - I can tell that with her sense of style, she'll have many more readers to come.
  • Charlotte Beecham at Clothes Over Carbs - loads of inspirational photos taken sourced from streetstyle blogs and magazine spreads.
  • Angie at Leila Darling - We started blogging around the same time once I came out of Blogger hibernation. One of my favourites :)
  • Harriet at Dreamcatchers and Gemstones - not only do we share the same name but the similar thoughts on style.
  • Ella Corner at Belle Vintage - her blog is so different to any I've seen, personal and informative, she shows off a LOT of vintage buys, and even stocks her own online vintage store too.
  • Chloe Mia at Chloe-Mia
  • Ellinelle at Ellinelle Daydreams
  • Inhee Renae Lee at My Milk Toof - Too much love for this Californian Artist
  • Becky May at The Flower Girl - I was one of her first 10 followers a couple of months ago - now she has 1699 and is still so down to earth and friendly!
Congrats guys :) keep up the great work!

Oh black Betty, bam a lam!

This advert was originally aired during a Superbowl break. I'm gonna leave you guessing and let you watch it to find out what it's advertising. I'm not too sure when it was first shown over here but I've seen it a couple of times on TV now. Adverts don't usually phase me, and most of the time I skip through them due to the fact that I'd rather be on here than watching chewing gum programmes like Gossip Girl or The Only Way is Essex (although I do like a bit of 24 and Silent Witness-esque things). This one made me laugh and actually pay attention. It's clever, it's not forcing the product down your throat like the Go Compare! man (I would rather hear nails on a blackboard for 40 seconds). I don't know, maybe it's the fact that I've always had a corny soft spot for Tom Jones...

P.S. Days 2 and 3 of the LCF Short Course in Fashion Journalism coming up soon. I miss it already!

Monday, 18 April 2011

'It's like... going to a detention at Harrods'

Today I started my short course in Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion, and although I was expecting it to be all rah!* it actually turned out to be really good. I don't know why I had this preconception, probably because it's easy to buy yourself onto a course like that, but you have to question who is willing to giving up their personal time to commit to something that will benefit their future.

I've learnt quite a lot in one day, and it was really interesting to plan out our own features by using these new (to me) technical terms such as 'strap' and 'standfirst'. Normally I find it quite hard to shut up, even on paper as my tutor will realise when he reads my second assignment, and although I turned it down a bit today to seem more professional, it turns out that the more opinionated the better when it comes to ideas and comments on other peoples work.

We started off by doing the mandatory intro and discovering where everybody comes from, there are about 15 of us so that took a while. Then we planned and did a short interview in pairs that we typed up, I think this was more of an exercise to warm up and feel more comfortable with each other, for those who hadn't been early and spent a quarter of an hour chatting beforehand! Nevertheless it was still fun and only lasted a little while before we accelerated into more meatier areas like designing and planning a feature whilst deciding what content went where. There were a few ideas that were excellent and others which, after a group discussion where a few comments were thrown about, became just as interesting and pursuable. I seriously think we could all create a mini magazine together if we were given another week and a computer each (haha).

On our lunch break my three new friends and I hunted down a Starbucks - there wasnt much hunting involved, we literally stepped out of the college and into one - and had a chat about where we were all from. Being the only Londoner born and bred, I was asked quite a lot of tips on where to go while they were visiting, the best places to shop and where to find specific things, like vintage leather jackets.

After lunch we broke into some sweets that our tutor kindly bought and watched Alexander McQueens Fall 2011 show while we made notes. I actually made two pages and am amazed to report a new skill which I seem to have adopted, of not actually looking at the paper but still managing to write in a straight line... handy?
We typed up a report on the collection and were then sent on our way. It didn't feel like we were working for five hours but what do they say about time flying and having fun?
Tomorrow is a day for documenting streetstyle in Notting Hill and I'm really excited...! I've always been too nervous to go up to random people and ask them for a photo, it seems a little stalkerish, but at the same time admired those who can.

My friend who went on an art course in Chelsea just asked me how I found my first day, and the only fitting response I could think of was 'it's like... going to a detention in Harrods.' Who goes to school and spends all day sitting around watching catwalk shows and writing about clothes?!

Hasta mañana

Thursday, 14 April 2011

a couple of things I've been doing whilst revising...

Ordered some Blu-Rays to join my DVD's (all Disney of course) I feel as if I am regressing...
I've never seen Up or The Princess and the Frog so I'm quite excited about that!

 I watched Lilo and Stitch (for the first time ever) in 15 minute installments in my revision breaks.

On Monday night after revision from 9am-5pm I went to see a couple of my best friends and my teeny nephew, who's in this picture with me :) He is so adorable and well behaved.

I have been checking up on my blog and can't believe how many readers I have now, thank you all so much :) I really miss reading blogs but I need the grades for Uni otherwise I'll never be able to write professionally, so thanks for being patient and I can't wait to resume in July. That actually sounds so so bad. I am so gonna sneak on here more often.
Aaaand I have just finished my Student Finance...  I feel both emotionally and physically drained. What a crazy evening!

Let me know how you've all been please, I misss youuuu!!!
What Disney DVD's and Blu-Rays do you have? Im such an old Disney geek. xxx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

bit late now, harriet...

This has been sitting in my 'post' page for ages, I thought I had clicked post!! But you guys may still like to have a look anyway, it's my rundown of Galliano from 1996-2011. I found it really interesting to see how his designs changed so much, but there is an essence of similarity in all his designs, I guess that's his signature :)

PLEASE CLICK THE PHOTO - it will open bigger :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Hey guyssss, seeing as I've been so busy I haven't had time to CLOSE the giveaway so I have entered a couple of people who entered a little late. You have the sun to thank for my good mood haha :) The competition will finish at MIDNIGHT GMT today 10/4/11