Thursday, 14 April 2011

a couple of things I've been doing whilst revising...

Ordered some Blu-Rays to join my DVD's (all Disney of course) I feel as if I am regressing...
I've never seen Up or The Princess and the Frog so I'm quite excited about that!

 I watched Lilo and Stitch (for the first time ever) in 15 minute installments in my revision breaks.

On Monday night after revision from 9am-5pm I went to see a couple of my best friends and my teeny nephew, who's in this picture with me :) He is so adorable and well behaved.

I have been checking up on my blog and can't believe how many readers I have now, thank you all so much :) I really miss reading blogs but I need the grades for Uni otherwise I'll never be able to write professionally, so thanks for being patient and I can't wait to resume in July. That actually sounds so so bad. I am so gonna sneak on here more often.
Aaaand I have just finished my Student Finance...  I feel both emotionally and physically drained. What a crazy evening!

Let me know how you've all been please, I misss youuuu!!!
What Disney DVD's and Blu-Rays do you have? Im such an old Disney geek. xxx


  1. Up is such a lovely film - it made my dad cry!
    and i havent seen lilo and stitch in years, it was always one of my faves :)
    nice to see you back :)
    nicola xx

  2. i love these images and your blog. Your style and vibe are great. really edgy.
    check mine out and follow me back if you like it! Appreciate the support.

  3. Up is such a wonderful film - i cry every time. your nephew is the cutest xx

  4. Oh, your nephew is so cute :) x

  5. Haha thanks for the love guys, I always almost steal him before I leave, and my friend always replies 'you can take him if you want, but you'll be back with him in half an hour' haha (she is joking of course...)
    I still haven't watched up!
    My friend, who has glandular fever, begged me to bring round Dumbo and Bambi and we spent the day watching them with a Nandos. Thank God glandular fever isn't contageous...

    I will check out your blogs too guys :)


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