Monday, 18 April 2011

'It's like... going to a detention at Harrods'

Today I started my short course in Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion, and although I was expecting it to be all rah!* it actually turned out to be really good. I don't know why I had this preconception, probably because it's easy to buy yourself onto a course like that, but you have to question who is willing to giving up their personal time to commit to something that will benefit their future.

I've learnt quite a lot in one day, and it was really interesting to plan out our own features by using these new (to me) technical terms such as 'strap' and 'standfirst'. Normally I find it quite hard to shut up, even on paper as my tutor will realise when he reads my second assignment, and although I turned it down a bit today to seem more professional, it turns out that the more opinionated the better when it comes to ideas and comments on other peoples work.

We started off by doing the mandatory intro and discovering where everybody comes from, there are about 15 of us so that took a while. Then we planned and did a short interview in pairs that we typed up, I think this was more of an exercise to warm up and feel more comfortable with each other, for those who hadn't been early and spent a quarter of an hour chatting beforehand! Nevertheless it was still fun and only lasted a little while before we accelerated into more meatier areas like designing and planning a feature whilst deciding what content went where. There were a few ideas that were excellent and others which, after a group discussion where a few comments were thrown about, became just as interesting and pursuable. I seriously think we could all create a mini magazine together if we were given another week and a computer each (haha).

On our lunch break my three new friends and I hunted down a Starbucks - there wasnt much hunting involved, we literally stepped out of the college and into one - and had a chat about where we were all from. Being the only Londoner born and bred, I was asked quite a lot of tips on where to go while they were visiting, the best places to shop and where to find specific things, like vintage leather jackets.

After lunch we broke into some sweets that our tutor kindly bought and watched Alexander McQueens Fall 2011 show while we made notes. I actually made two pages and am amazed to report a new skill which I seem to have adopted, of not actually looking at the paper but still managing to write in a straight line... handy?
We typed up a report on the collection and were then sent on our way. It didn't feel like we were working for five hours but what do they say about time flying and having fun?
Tomorrow is a day for documenting streetstyle in Notting Hill and I'm really excited...! I've always been too nervous to go up to random people and ask them for a photo, it seems a little stalkerish, but at the same time admired those who can.

My friend who went on an art course in Chelsea just asked me how I found my first day, and the only fitting response I could think of was 'it's like... going to a detention in Harrods.' Who goes to school and spends all day sitting around watching catwalk shows and writing about clothes?!

Hasta mañana


  1. I really like your blog! I am following you, please follow me- :) Thanks xxx

  2. interesting stuff! and i know what you mean about the rahs, lol.

  3. great - really interesting !
    btw great blog :)


  4. Thanks again for stopping by my blog and commenting on it. I have just read this story and so your opinion is great :)

    Definitely want to study journalism too, so I hope you keep these posts up to inspire me to want to go back to school!

    I am your 30th bloglovin follower - sweet!!

    -fb X


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