Wednesday, 20 April 2011

my first award!

Tereza Anton at Drastic Plastic has awarded me with the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD :)

Again, this has been sitting in my post page for a while :(  but thank you so much it means a lot to me!
I'm exhausted from this week as I've been working pretty hard at LCF and commuting during rush hour so I'm off to have a bath and a drink at the pub, hopefully!

Soooo, here are the conditions of my award:

- 10 new things about yourself
- Award 10 other blogs with the KREATIV BLOGGER award.

My heritage is pretty mixed up. My Nana was born in Melilla, Morocco, to Spanish parents as my great grandfather was a member of the Guardia Civil. My Grandfather was Italian, moved to Gibraltar as a member of the Guardia Civil too and married my Nana who lived in Southern Spain again at this point but was working as a cleaner in the military base there. Aaaaand my dad is from Coventry (haha!)
So yeah, I'm pretty mixed up but unfortunately, not too naturally tanned :(
My favourite colour is crimson and if I see anything vaguely the same colour in a homeware section, I will buy it. This has resulted in the numerous acquisition of crimson candles, cushions, blankets, vases etc. Ikea is great for me and my colour obsession (also a big fan of lime green cushions...!) This isn't my bedroom by the way haha.
I love driving. I spend most of my life in my car, (a 2005 ORANGE!!!! Renault Clio Extreme called Gary -- R.I.P Vinnie <3) and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. I love taking spontaneous trips to Brighton and Wimbledon's drive-thru Krispy Kreme (that's right guys...) with my friends and sitting on Box Hill and Epsom Downs in the dark having really long talks.
I have my own dressing room, a converted third small bedroom, containing four rails of my clothes and 3 ceiling high bookcase type shoe racks. I still insist I have nothing to wear. All my hangers have to face towards me on the rails, otherwise I go OCD and have to rearrange all of them again. The photo is not my dressing room but I can do a post on it if you guys want me to :)
Silent Witness, 24, Waking the Dead, CSI and The Event are my most frequently watched shows. I love laughing at shows like LA Ink though. Sorry, are we ever going to see you actually do a tattoo?
I have way too much knitwear in my wadrobe, so much so that I have been banned from buying any more by one of my best friends until I sort it out.
I don't eat chocolate. No matter how hard you try to convince me to eat it. I haven't eaten it for five years and I'm not gonna start now! Also haven't eaten red meat (beef, lamb, venison etc) for 3 years now. Not too sure why, but I miss red meat waaaay more than chocolate.
Two high street stores going waaaay up in my estimations are ZARA and Hennes (H&M). Every time I go in there now I come out with a bag (or two) but thats nothing on my mum, who can come out with huuuuuge bills.
Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable in my own skin, like I don't really belong. I feel really lost and think about the point of life, but I guess everyone does sometimes.
I smoke, as much as I wish I didnt, about 10 Marlboro lights a day, which to you smokers should realise is a very expensive and health damaging habit. I'm hoping to give up after summer. The first cigarette I ever smoked was my sisters that she left on the desk in her bedroom - my whole family smoked at the time so I thought it was pretty normal, but I remember that I was 12 at the time.

I award the following bloggers with the KREATIV BLOGGER award:
  • Ifee at Living in Wonderland - I can tell that with her sense of style, she'll have many more readers to come.
  • Charlotte Beecham at Clothes Over Carbs - loads of inspirational photos taken sourced from streetstyle blogs and magazine spreads.
  • Angie at Leila Darling - We started blogging around the same time once I came out of Blogger hibernation. One of my favourites :)
  • Harriet at Dreamcatchers and Gemstones - not only do we share the same name but the similar thoughts on style.
  • Ella Corner at Belle Vintage - her blog is so different to any I've seen, personal and informative, she shows off a LOT of vintage buys, and even stocks her own online vintage store too.
  • Chloe Mia at Chloe-Mia
  • Ellinelle at Ellinelle Daydreams
  • Inhee Renae Lee at My Milk Toof - Too much love for this Californian Artist
  • Becky May at The Flower Girl - I was one of her first 10 followers a couple of months ago - now she has 1699 and is still so down to earth and friendly!
Congrats guys :) keep up the great work!


  1. great post..and CONGRATS!!!

  2. Congrats, and thank you sooo much for awarding me with this blogger award!! i will try and get my response to this up asap!:)

  3. I had no idea this was your first award, this is so cool.
    Ok, so I have to say one thing: no.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hahaha, I'll get on it and post some photos. Maybe a video if thats easier actually :) xx

  5. ..congrats and thanks for an award :)

    oooh I wish I was stronger minded and ditch chocholate and meat as well ..

  6. Congratulations on your first award!! I have my own dressing room as well!! My clothes need breathing room haha!!

  7. thanks for the award doll, ill try and do this soon! loved finding out a little more about the girl behind the blog! xx

  8. Congratulations on your award and thank you for awarding it me also i will be sure to put it in my next post :) x

  9. Hi,:) just wanted to let you know that i did a response to your post, thank you again! x

  10. Oh thanks for the award! :D
    I'm away atm and totally forgot to write back.
    When I'm home I'll do a response.


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