Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding: HRH Prince William of Wales, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Congratulations to the Royal couple!

As everybody knows, yesterday 29th April 2011 was the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and HRH Prince William of Wales at Westminster Abbey. Instead of going up to London for the big day I decided to watch the events unfold from my living room. I began watching at 10am and finished at 6pm. I must admit, I was mainly interested in seeing the McQueen dress which was sadly given away the night before as Sarah Burton left the The Goring Hotel in Westminster. The dress as we all know was exceptionally beautiful, I actually almost cried when she got out of the car outside the Abbey. (I even took a photo of the tv!) And that tiara, lent by Queen Elizabeth II, was the icing on the cake! 

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie both sported unusual dresses. Eugenie wearing a bright Vivienne Westwood number whilst Eugenie wore couture Valentino and of course, that (pretty ridiculous) Philip Treacy hat which would have been more suited to classic Gaga attire rather than Royal wedding class.

The Princes, of course, looked so handsome with their formal uniforms on, I must say that I prefer Harry's (look at those cuffs!)

I wish it would be acceptable for me to have pageboys wearing these outfits which matched Williams of the Royal Guard, they looked absoulutely precious, and the girls looked every last bit elegant to match the Bride.

Of course, Philippa Middleton wore McQueen to. At first I thought that her dress may upstage her sisters, but once you see the beautiful lace adorned elegantly cut dress which Princess Catherine wore, nothing could compare, and they complimented each other beautifully. My father even commented on how stunning Pippa looked. I was so nervous when they were walking down the aisle, I thought at least one of them would trip up!

I could not imagine a more perfect dress, she did in fact look a lot like Grace Kelly when she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco in 1956. The nipped in body and lace sleeves and bodice were wonderful with the pleats and that cut...! What Mcqueen has always been famous for...

'You look lovely... you are beautiful' William said to Catherine after Harry whispered to him 'Just wait until you see her... here she is now...'

Prince William and Kate saying their vows was touching and to hear the million people that had gathered on the streets of London cheering at various stages was very special.
The newly married couple, don't they just look so happy?

'I am so proud you're my wife' Prince William said when he way helping her into the carriage. Awww! 'I'm so happy' she responded. Later she asks, 'Are you happy?' to which William responded ,'Yes! Yes! It was a beautiful service! It really was. It was amazing... was amazing... am so're my wife! It's mad! Oh my goodness it... really loudly here... these people are clapping.'

A couple of the official Royal photographs which were taken in the Throne room at Buckingham Palace before the kiss(es).

 'Harry, It's your turn!' William calls over the balcony as they see the huge crowd below who have all come out to be a part of the big day.

This image really reminded me of The Lion King, you know when Simba was being presented to all the animals on Pride Rock and there were thousands of them all below screaming praise (well for animals)?
It was so special to watch and we are very lucky to be able to be given the opportunity to share the big day with them.

Kate slipped into something a little more comfortable for the evening party which carried on until around 3am...

... as did Beatirce who, can I say, looks quite a lot better than in her first outfit of the day.

Princess Diana of Wales would be so proud of both her boys if she were there, my mother almost cried when she mentioned it, and then said that she 'thinks she was there, watching' which I thought was quite touching. My mum, like millions of others, loved Princess Diana.
Princess Catherine's dress was a far cry from Princess Diana's but both suited the women for the repsective times.

Every girl dreams of becoming a Princess, Catherine's dream came true.


  1. great post, I hadn't seen that first picture, it's beautiful, it's like.. 'oh, THAT'S what a train is for!

  2. Such a beautiful wedding and beautiful couple.
    xx Allie

  3. The bestttt Royal wedding post I have seen! How cute is what Harry said to Will and even cuter what will said to Catherine! Makes me cry everytime x

  4. aww this is so lovely, the whole day was absolutely beautiful and so special, i love that despite it being a public day on such a colossal magnitude it was full of intimate and private moments too. and i've heard reports that there was a reserved empty seat left for diana, whether it's true or not i'm sure she was watching over. bless. x

  5. so special this post.
    everyone of us dreams with them.

  6. she looked gorgeous and her dress was so elegant!

  7. I think I like her second dress even better than her is that even possible! amazing.


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