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‘Blogs are currently vital to the industry simply because they forecast what's "in" with consumers which greatly helps designers, they also provide constant style inspiration for people worldwide.’ This is a quote taken from 17 year old Kristin Prim’s interview with Teen Vogue in 2010. After starting her blog at 12, the New York fashionista became so successful that she now runs her own bi-annual magazine, ‘Prim’. Blogger success stories such as this show how passion and confidence can help build a career; and it is for this reason that I have compiled an A-Z of blogs of note, which anybody can follow and gain inspiration for their own innovative ideas.

A Little Obsessed – Sabrina is an 18 year old student from London and author of She has a passion for beauty products and fashion and uses her blog to share experiences of different items and recommend thing to others. Expect products being positively reviewed at around £5 as Sabrina loves to find a bargain.

Beauty Crush – Sammi Maria is a 21 year old fashion student from London, and also the founder of She studies in Southampton and is interested in both style and make-up design with a love for expression through photography. She is inspired by Haute Couture but prefers street style.

Cats and Rocking Chairs – is a blog created by a 23 year old Scottish post graduate of law, Morven, who describes herself as having too much time, rings and cats on her hands. Her blog, features photographs of her outfits, her style being a mixture of Navajo pieces peppered with Parisian and bohemian items.

Discotheque Confusion – Stevie Mackenzie Smith is a fashion Blogger of successful and widely read with a love of 70’s style, overalls and peonies with a penchant for Chloë Sevigny. Victorie is an Austrian blogger posting photos of her daily outfit and her buys, an inspiration is Alexa Chung. She loves high street stores such as Zara.

Fashion is the brainchild of Rumi Lenora, an American model and photographer, posting pictures of herself taken from shoots, by herself and by friends and is definitely a blogger of note, winning not only the 2011 Bloglovin’ Blogger of the Year but also the Best Personal style blog.

The’s Kelly began writing to share her thoughts about style with the world. She explains ‘I take pleasure in celebrating the finer things in life. I love dressing up every day, decorating my apartment and experimenting with my hair. I love hunting down vintage treasures, mixing prints, and wearing too many accessories. I love shopping online and dishing my finds.’

The Haute is a blog, and a personal style diary and musings of a self-anointed fashion aficionado. Taken from the blog itself, this is how Vanessa describes herself as an ‘Eternal dreamer/fashion blogger/wannabe writer: Vanessa aka The Haute Pursuit is a twenty-something-er obsessed with fashion, art, film and of course all things cool, glam, and rock and roll. Flipping through the pages of The Haute Pursuit is like stealing a look into Vanessa’s mind where you can experience her wardrobe adventures as she indulges her every fashion whim.’

I Heart Vintage – Kavita’s blog is a great blog documenting her buys and wish lists from high street to online stores such as eBay, with daily photos of her outfits.

Jack & Jil – Originally a street style photographer, now captures images from fashion weeks, shows and shoots.

Kingdom of Style – Michelle is a 37 year old British Graphic Designer, DJ and Fashion Blogger who contributes to the style site Fashion156 and Vice Magazine. She explains, ‘Fashion stimulates me in the same way design does, even though sometimes I find beautiful in the ugly. My friend Marie and I write our blog Kingdom of Style for the love of talking about fashion and style.’ You can find the blog at is a fashion blog founded by Lily, a British 20 year old student, and one worth reading.

Milkteef – Emma Woodley writes the blog providing readers with many a weekend wishlist and photos of her outfits.

Nasty Gal - is a great blog which also sells items which it features. Owner Sophia Amoruso has been combing the racks, pressing the pleats, and snapping the shutter for NASTY GAL since its inception. In her free time and offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted vintage clothing and accessories available online, as well as unique new designer pieces.

Oracle is an independent blog written by Mandy Shadforth, an Australian Contemporary Artist based in Queensland. Her blog references images from pop culture combining her interest in fashion, art and the mysterious. However the underlying essence of Mandy's concepts revolve around her love of nature, beauty, travel and culture. is an exciting blog documenting the life and fashion of Sophia, showing her latest (usually high end buys such as Prada) and taking outfit of the day pictures.

Rackk and Ruin – Molly at runs both the blog and an Esty shop of her jewellery pieces. Definitely check her out.

Style Rookie – Tavi Levinson, 14, from Chicago USA, started her blog,, in 2008 at 11 years old, since then she has gained more than 50,000 readers worldwide and is frequently invited to sit front row at fashion shows viewing the latest collections by Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada. Since then she has appeared in numerous magazines such as Teen Vogue and graced the cover of LOVE.

That’s Chic – Rachel created and blogs her outfits which are mainly created from vintage finds, with a very indie style and photography.

Uncia and Tigris - Clare Marie explains on her blog ‘I'm twenty year old blogger from the UK. I study Fine Art at university, and I love makeup, and fashion, and photography, and hummingbirds, and maps and tigers. I love fog, Greek myths, and mountains.’

VIPXO is a blog by Victoria India, a 21 year old BA fashion design & production student in her third year of university living in Leeds. Her forte is finding great Ebay and bargain buys from the high street and creating her own outfits from current trends.

Who What Wear - Katherine Power is the co-founder and creative director of, and prior this, she was the West Coast Editor of ELLE and ELLEgirl. Hillary Kerr is the co-founder and editorial director of the blog, she was a Los Angeles-based freelance writer for publications including ELLE, Teen Vogue, Nylon, and Maxim. Together these women have created a blog that has won the 2011 Bloglovin’ award for the Best Fashion News blog. This is a great blog for keeping up to date with the fashion world.

Zoella - in an interview by a fellow blogger, Lauren, at says of what led her to blogging; ‘I had been quite eager to have my own little space on the interwebz for beauty chat and fashion musings but I was far too shy for YouTube so I decided to set up my own little blog, not really knowing what I was going to start writing about first or how many followers I would get.’ She now has 6000 loyal followers. Her style is of bargain high street buys and vintage car boot sale finds with a layout and photos which are pretty and chic, you can’t go wrong following Zoe.

It’s worth asking around your social groups for those that have blogs – you never know when you’re going to meet the next Rumi, Kristin or Tavi. It could even be you.

Please do not take any of this work, it has taken a long time to compile and has been published in the May edition of Daydream Nation ©

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