Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sainte Tropez

So I know I said I would post after my A levels but I've had a pretty rocky start to the summer. I don't really want to go into it but one of my friends died on her birthday from Meningitis. Her name's Georgia Tait if you want to read more about it online and become more aware of Meningitis (1 in 10 of us are dormant carriers.)

Anyway, a couple of days after it all happened I went to St Tropez with my best friend for 6 days (although she is still there for another two weeks with her boyfriend... jealous!) for a much needed break from everything. It all went so quickly and hardly feels like I went at all, apart from the tan I brought back with me to beautiful, rainy, miserable England.

On the first day we arrived we got to the villa (photos to come) which my friends family owns and unpacked. Then we proceeded to go a little bit crazy and danced around in our bikinis and took pictures of us being crazy. After ththat, we went to Sainte Maxime for dinner, although I could only manage a main course as it was ginormous, although Nikki did manage three courses and deserves a medal for it! We looked around the stalls after dinner and there were loads of lovely rings, however I'm running out of room on my fingers to buy any more long term rings :( so I bought some cigarettes instead. It was then when I learnt that the French really do not like the English at all (although the French that speak English as another language are very nice).

We went to St Tropez on Friday night and had a few drinks, my double JD and coke cost me 22€ and a Black Russian cocktail cost me 15€, so I can officaly say that St Tropez is crazy expensive. There were so many big yachts and impressive cars in the marina, and then there were all of the yachts that were too big to fit in the marina and had to float outside of it.

Now things begin to get exciting. Me and Nikki, having polished off two beers and a Black Russian decided to go in search of some reasonably priced food. We bough a slice of pizza each and went to sit down to eat it. All of a sudden I look up and WHO is standing right in front of me? KARL LAGERFELD. THE Karl Lagerfeld. I had my camera out but he was looking straight at me and I couldn't breathe and had to sit down. He continued to stand looking at us 3 metres away and I continued to look like a fool staring at him with my mouth open. He turned to keep walking and only then did I muster the strength to take a photo of him (shaking like a leaf.)
We managed to miss the last ferry home and had to pay 120€ for a 20 minute drive home which was crazy but it was a beautiful car. The day after St Tropez we had the best hangover ever, although now we wonder whether it was a hangover or whether we were still drunk. Either way, the whole day was so much fun, apart from at about 7pm when I got my banging headache. The rest of the holiday consisted of sunbathing, sunbathing, going to the beach to sunbathe, dancing, going a bit crazy, drinking and sunbathing.
Here are some photos :)

 Look at how big the wheels on this Rolls Royce are!

Karl Lagerfeld <3


The Hangover Day

All in all I had a great time, I got home on Tuesday evening and then reality set in of everything that kept going on back here. Yesterday was the funeral service for Georgia which was horribly devastating, but some lovely things were said by her best friends and family.


  1. From these photos looks like you had an amazing time.
    You saw KARL!!!

  2. I had actually met Georgia a couple of times, although I didn't really know her. This is so sad and I'm thinking of all her family and friends.

    Your holiday photos look amazing, I'm glad you had a good time :)


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