Sunday, 28 August 2011

can somebody hit me?

I am such an awful blogger. I have been missing you all so much, yet I have not found time to blog.
I got into UCA to study Fashion Journalism :) I'm uber excited but also a little nervous. I will be moving into the house I will be living in for a year on the 8th September and I'm really nervous that I'm not gonna like it. I have been talking to the girl who lives there, she seems really nice, but I haven't met any of the boys that will be living in the house too. (3 boys, 2 girls)

My freshers week starts on the 12th and I'm hoping there will be some people who are less inclined to blow all their student loan on alcohol and instead come shopping with me and spend it on some beautiful things (that cannot be drunk.) I have my eye on quite a lot of things right now as well so I'm excited for my student loan to come through, and to see what I'm left with to blow at the end of the month (yes, I have done a budget don't worry!)

Are any of you going to UCA in september, regardless of course? I'd love to meet some fellow bloggers there next month (just don't add me on Facebook 'til we've met cos I find that really awkward.)

Ooooh I also got my tattoo done :) my sister obviously did it for me and so it looks amazing. In fact, a friend of mine and my mum said that it looks like a transfer 'cos it's so perfect! I think it looks like a rainbow has exploded over my back (and apparently it's the most colourful tattoo Emily thinks she's ever done.) Anyway, take a look and tell me if you like him (his name is Horace.)

I decided to get a hummingbird ages ago, when I was about 16. To me it represents fragility and beauty and how amazing life can be. After this summer it also represents to me the fragility of life and how it can end at any unexpected moment. The cherry blossoms just represent ongoing life (and plus they're really pretty.)

Tattoo done by Emily Wood at Black Heart Tattoo Studio, Epsom

I have quite a few ideas on what else I want too :) Have any of you had any recently or have anything in mind? 
How have you all been?


  1. your tattoo is gorgeous! p.s. what campus of uca are you at?xx

  2. thanks love :) i'm at epsom, why do you ask? xx

  3. Your tattoo is so gorgeous, aww.. I love it :) I haven't got a clue what I'd want to have and where, but maybe the right thing will find it's way to skin!

    Welcome back <3

    xx indie by heart

  4. i hope you will blog more often in the future :)

    your tattoo is fabulous <3

  5. just thought id pop back! i ask because there is a campus in canterbury where i am! never mind:) xx

  6. wow I LOVE that tattoo! the colours are amazing, i love the sheer effect on the wings too, your sister is clearly very talented!

  7. such a gorgeous tattoo! looks amazziiinngg! xx

  8. Good choices!


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