Sunday, 18 September 2011


So, I moved to my University house last weekend, although it is only 5 minute from my mums, and 10 minutes from my dads.
On Monday I went for a job interview at River Island and as of Thursday have become a new Sales Advisor :) Tomorrow I start Uni properly, with my first two lectures (in one day - I know :( )

Tonight my housemates and I are having a 'family sunday lunch' (it is 8.20pm and we are yet to eat...), which was of course, my brilliant idea.

I now also realise how hard student life is in terms of money. I'm finding that my weekly budget pretty much goes on food shopping and cigarettes instantly and I have no money to spend on clothes! Plus, my River Island staff discount only comes through after 4 weeks of working there, which is sad times.

Anyway, I better go as I'm being antisocial. I get my timetable tomorrow and will be sure to find a regular slot in my week to regularly blog :) 'cos I miss you all so much!


P.S - Jack Daniels now do BBQ sauce! Woo!