Saturday, 22 October 2011

Michael Kors

Yesterday I had a job interview at Westfield and so had to be there at 6pm. I was so nervous and I have no idea how it went so I won't comment on it, although I do know that if I did get the job, I will find out today.

My best friend came with me and we window shopped for a while. I tried about a million pairs of shoes on in River Island as I don't get the chance to when I'm at work, as I was trying them on, a man came up to me and asked me if I worked there! I must have the 'River Island/Retail Face'!

So to cheer myself up (after cheering myself up with Nandos) I tried on a watch in Michael Kors. I loved it, but it didn't go with my silver rings as it was a rose gold watch. I moved on. As we passed Beaverbrooks jewellers later that night I saw a very similar watch in the window and went in to try it on. I fell in love.

I am now the proud owner of a Michael Kors rose gold watch.

Surprisingly, when I tried it on in Beaverbrooks, it didn't look so out of place with my silver rings and now I'm completely used to it!

Look how pretty he is! He's really chunky as well, I suit more manly watches as opposed to thin strappy ones. I never usually buy anything gold as I am a silver girl through and through; but there is something very elegant about a rose gold watch and I couldn't resist.
Also, at £210 I had to use my overdraft (BAD HARRIET!) but it was so worth it.

Do any of you guys have watches you're proud of?
Do you like my new purchase?


  1. I love it! Good luck with the job :)

  2. Your accessories are amazing, so cool.
    Good luck with the jib!

  3. i bought a similar style in the light horn color...i love MK watches....

    looks lovely on you :)



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