Thursday, 6 October 2011

What the Blog?! A reflection on forced blogging...

So I am sitting in the writer's block at UCA in a 2 1/2 seminar on Blogging. We're learning about why to blog, what to blog, the benefits of blogging etc. I don't like the idea of this seminar. If the students sitting alongside me in this class really wanted to run their own blog, then they would already have one, or two, or three. Many girls in here, and even a few of the boys do have blogs. They are the ones I would be interested in reading, not those who will go home later this evening and create their own generic blog as a part of the course requirement. A blog requires thought. Don't create one for no reason - is there any point in doing so if there is no drive, no passion to write? At the beginning of this seminar we were all told that since 2002 there have been 133 million blogs created. This number rises everyday. How are we all expected to be unique bloggers, desirable to the 'market', when the majority of people in this class do not understand the importance of writing, even for practise. They assume it's too much hard work. They could be out drinking, sleeping, skyping their friends. Why can't they squeeze blogging in too? I do. I'm blogging now. I'm blogging more since being at University, since having a part time job than I did during summer. The only day I get off I get are Tuesdays. I run errands on Tuesdays.

Don't get me wrong - blogging is great. I'd love for 133 billion people to blog, let alone million (although that might make blogs a lot more difficult to sift through.) I am addicted to blogging. I read so many blogs and I read so many magazines and I am finding myself much more regularly leaning toward the opinions of favourite bloggers in my spare time rather than my favourite magazine writers.

However, after all this negativity, this is the point in my post where I may have to contradict myself slightly. The lecturer has just informed us that the creator of 'Coco's Tea Party' has recently graduated from UCA. The website is a huge success. My writing has been compared to hers a couple of times, a huge honour and compliment. Maybe if students are forced into blogging, their true talent comes out unexpectedly.

If there's one thing I want this series of lectures and seminars to teach me, it's to become a more consistent blogger with more interesting ideas. Relevance and originality is something blogging lacks these days, and hopefully my degree course will lead me down the path of how to become a more successful journalist.

Hasta luego lovelies xxx
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  1. I'm sure your course will help you do just that :) everyone seems to post about similar things, what makes you stand out is when you truly post your thoughts on things, not "edited" in case you think it might lose you followers or anything (this isn't directed at you by the way, just in general!)it's your own little space on the internet for a reason right? Hope things look up for you sweet, you'll get rid of that writers block soon!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs


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