Monday, 19 March 2012

Off the radar and onto the front row: Alexa Chung

Ever wondered what happened to Alexa Chung after she disappeared from T4? Well... she's a big success... with lanky legs. She often crops up in various glossy mags for her elegant outfits, but no, that's not how she pays the bills. 
So it's been a while since I saw Ms Chung grace my TV screen on a Saturday morning. A couple of days ago my sister and I were reminiscing about our younger years and how excited we used to be to switch on Steve Jones, June Sarpong, Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver early on in the weekend in celebration of the two day break from school. We quickly learnt that presenters come and go.

Nowadays, Steve Jones hosts a variety of other TV shows (namely the show he's just been let go from - X Factor USA.) Miquita Oliver has been AWOL since her T4 days, although made an appearance at Lily Allen's wedding as a gorgeous bridesmaid last summer. Meanwhile Simon Amstell has managed to take his place firmly in the realm of comedy, although we all still miss him as the 'Nevermind the Buzzcocks' presenter, right?

Alexa Chung on the other hand - who joined T4 as I was grew out of it - has been scooped up and swallowed by fashion. Mulberry even made a bag and named it after her. Yeah... jealous is the right word. She writes for British Vogue. She has her own TV show '24 Hour Catwalk' in the US. She walked for Vivienne Westwood's S/S 09 show at Fashion Week. She's the face of Lacoste. She has been branded 'the new Kate Moss' by respectable 'The New York Times.' Above all, she goes to various Fashion Weeks around the world, and is paid to sit and look pretty in the designers finest on the front row. What a job. How many of you know she was set to study Fashion Journalism at University? If only we were all so lucky!

According to Tatler, Anna Wintour even claimed that Alexa Chung was the world's newest 'phenomenon.' Chung can also count herself lucky by having friends in Karl Lagerfeld, Christopher Kane and Henry Holland.

Well... she must be doing something right. You've all clearly been voting for her to win the British Style Award at the British Fashion Awards, which she has scooped up for the second year running. I wonder what 2012 will bring for Ms Chung, more success? Or a gradual decline in her 'phenomenon' status? We'll have to wait and see, but I've heard another ex-T4, Jameela Jamil, is still very much hot on her heels...

Image credit: REX

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