Thursday, 28 June 2012



Me and my mum decided to go to Turkey for a week on 18th June, we went to stay at the Ephesia Beach Hotel in Kusadasi, which was lovely. I'm having some serious Holiday come down now! The weather was baking, so naturally (and me and my mother being full and half Spanish respectively) we spent all day tanning, from breakfast until dinner, skipping lunch and replacing it with shandy and water. 

Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed thanks to the bartenders who made us a lot of different drinks to try, not to mention a shit load of margaritas. On the last day I managed to get tonsillitis, which made the last few hours (quite literally) of the holiday pretty terrible. I like to think that it was Turkey's way of saying 'DONT LEAVE ME.' I even had to have an injection, which cost 100 euros, to bring my temperature down really quickly, otherwise I would have been unable to fly. That was all a little traumatic seeing as the nurse nor doctor could understand English (nor each other for that matter, one was Turkish and the other Bulgarian?)

All in all, I had the biggest laugh ever with my mum. Every night was eventful, no matter how little we did during the day or how little we encouraged the drama/men. The last night involved me giving out my number twice, the second man to which I changed the last digit (he had chased my mum and I back to our hotel room the previous evening.) After this, he stormed back over to the bar and shouted 'I JUST TRIED TO RING YOU AND IT DIDNT WORK' which led me to just get angry, tell him I wasn't interested and that he must be pretty stupid to not realise it, and that my bloody roaming was switched off so Vodafone couldn't rob me.

The sunsets were beautiful, the weather was HOT, not falling below 34 degrees, and the food was good. 

On the Thursday we went to Ephesus, the site of one of the seven wonders of the medieval world. Stupidly, we didn't realise it was up a mountain and that the weather was 53 degrees. I almost turned into a burns victim and spent most of the visit running between pillars for some shade! It was a beautiful place to go, however, and if you go in the morning I'm sure it would be a much much better idea! 

Here are some photos of what I wore around the pool, the awkward time between showering, aftersun and getting ready for dinner, an then evening outfits. 

I really recommend Kusadasi next time you consider going away, and if you have been, or are going, let me know!
I don't want to go back to work/uni now... I want to win the lottery and be on holiday forever.